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The Holiday Sales Funnel

holiday sales, holiday sale sign, holiday sales coming up

Anthony | September 13, 2022



Hi, Anthony Manly here from Today I’m going to walk you through planning out a holiday sale. So here in Australia, within the next two weeks, we’ve got school holidays that are fast approaching us, and it’s the best time of the year to run a sale. Holiday sale sign.

Specifically, we’re in September. And this particular sale that I’m going to walk you through will help you to build a list of confident subscribers, meaning confidence around your products and services, specifically around coaching and consulting. 

So I’m going to take you over to a board, and I’m going to walk you through it. I’m going to draw it on a piece of paper. So I’ll see you over there. Okay, thanks for your patience. I’ll just grab my pens.

Here we go. All right, so what we’ve got here is I’ve just got a piece of paper here in front of me, and I’m going to draw you out a bit of a plan, a bit of a fun net to sell your products and services. (Please see video for referrals)

So the funnel I’m about to show you is called the Digital Marketers.

So big shout out to Ryan Dice from Digital Marketer. And it’s called the Velvet Rope Funnel.

And what it does is it capitalizes on the holiday sales, specifically holidays such as school holidays, and Christmas holidays. You can run this whenever there’s a holiday period.

  1. Build the Front End of the funnel

Now, the first step is to build the front end of the funnel.

Now, the funnel is designed to build an email list of people that are motivated around deals, specifically, and the sales that come with those.

So the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to create an opt-in page, and I’ll just make sure that I’m focused on the right thing here.

  • Create an Opt-in Page

So the first thing we’re going to do is create an opt-in page. And the opt-in page is literally to talk about your sale.

Now, when I say an opt-in page, what I’m talking about is how you drive people to this specific page.

Now, what you’ll also have is a page that just talks directly to the sale, which then leads to that specific page.

Now, some people tend to use what’s called a popover.

I don’t like popovers. I don’t know about you, but you get annoyed when you go to a website. It’s just maybe at the end of a post. It could be strategically placed or even from an email broadcast that you’ve sent out to everybody. And all it’s going to say is, I’ll just change colors here.

What it’s going to say is, that it’s going to talk about your sale. So sale, that’s probably not the best color, is it? I can’t see that.

Let me use red. It’s probably not the most ideal, but let me talk about sales. And we’re going to say 50% off. Okay, now, this sale that we’re talking about oh, hang on a minute. 

So what’s going to happen is your prospective client is going to land on this specific page right here. So here’s your client and they’re going to first land on this particular page here. When they click on the button here which says enter the sale, they’ll then be presented with an opt-in page.

Now, this opt-in page is specifically designed to build a list of what’s going to be their name, this is going to be their email. And this is specifically a list that you’re building for people that are part of your discount club.

So call it a discount club.

Now, what I like to do is get-go a little bit step further and I call it the secret sale club, which sounds exclusive. So what you’ve done there is you’ve taken them from your website to an opt-in page.

  • Create a Sales page

Then what you’re going to do is you’re going to drop them straight in after they opt-in straight into the actual sale itself. 

So here is the sales page.

holiday sales, holiday sale sign, holiday sales coming up

And on your sales page, you got your benefits. You might have an image, you might also have a title, and you might even also have a video at the top of the page here.

So what you’ve got there is a specific sales page for your product or service and the latest sale that you’re running.

So that’s the first part of the funnel.

  1. Build a Back End funnel

The second part of the funnel is step two is building the back end of the funnel.

Now, a lot of people, they’re not confident about building back ends to funnels. 

So when I say billing the back end, what I’m talking about is adding an upsell on the back end of the velvet row funnel, right? So this is optional, but what it’s going to do is it’s going to sweeten the deal.

So it’s also going to allow you to scale the offer. And obviously, you’re going to get a lot more cash. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to provide them an upsell in this particular offer.

holiday sales, holiday sale sign, holiday sales coming up

So if you take this offer here, we’re going to upsell you, meaning we’re going to offer something of higher value over here. Now, this particular offer over here is only exclusive if you buy this one here. 

So if they buy, they’re going to be presented with this offer here. However, what you’ll find is not everybody wants to go to a higher price ticket offer. 

So what they may do is you can use what’s called a Downsell offer.

Again, this is another offer, but it’s a lesser value than this one up here.

So what you’ve done there is you’ve allowed your particular prospect to either upsell themselves or down-sell themselves. But either way, this product here should complement this main core offer here that you’ve got over here.

Now let’s move into step three which is we’re going to create a follow-up campaign.

  1. Build a Welcome Club E-mail

3 Steps to create a follow-up campaign

Now in the follow-up campaign when they first opt-in here, they’re going to get an e-mail, some form of e-mail.

In that email, it’s just going to say, hey, welcome to the club. We’re introducing them to the sales club. It gives you private access only to the secret sales before they occur.

Now you can describe the benefits and then quickly transition to promoting all of the goodies that you’ve got. So precisely this page here.

holiday sales, holiday sale sign, holiday sales coming up

Now the way to do a patent interrupt is to say to them, say, okay, enough about us talking about the secret sail club, let’s talk more about future sales, and let’s check back in on the sale that we’ve currently got.

Now in this email, always include an image here of your actual product or service so that people understand and you’re keeping what’s called scent, keeping them on the scent.

  • Scarcity E-mail

Now we’re into email number two.

Now this e-mail here, what it’s going to do is it’s going to now start to add a little bit of scarcity.

So it’s going to say something along the lines of, hey, there’s only two days left in this sale, get your offer now or buy now essentially. So use the body to communicate the urgency of them taking action now, right, so they don’t have to pay full price.

So what that’s going to do is that’s going to lead them back to this particular sales page here. So we’re doing a bit of a countdown sequence here.

Now then what we’re going to do is we’re then going to move into a third email.

  • Countdown E-mail

The third email here, it’s going to have a countdown seconds. Now you can get a lot of these types of things very cheaply to add to emails. And what you’re going to do is you’re going to say the same thing, something along the lines, just say, hey, there’s only X amount of hours left before this deal goes away, so take action now.

Then what you’re going to do is when it gets closer to this countdown reaching zero, you’re going to send a fourth email.

  • Sales Ending E-mail

Now, this fourth email is critical and this is where the majority of the sales are going to come from. It’s going to say something along the lines of last chance, closing at midnight tonight, bad news, sale ends, or urgent final notice.

You want to keep the body simple and just communicate the urgency.

Now as you can see, this is it’s going, and now it’s almost gone. So again, this email is driving them back so let’s just say urgent on this particular one here. And I’ll just use red because green doesn’t come out that well. So we’re talking about urgency here.

Now, let’s understand what the keys are to success for this particular offer. Now, you can see up here, I did the Upsell, I did the Downsell, and then ultimately that’s going to drive them to a big fat thank you page.

Big thumbs up. but essentially that’s what it’s going to do. It’s going to take them to a TYP thank you page.

Now, what you’ve done by creating this particular funnel, it’s not that difficult. There’s a lot of different software available to you. Whether you’re using something like click funnels. When you’re using something like it could be anything simple to create a lot of these pages on your website.

Now, what this has done, the three keys to this is you’ve created exclusivity.

So exclusivity by having a sales club.

The second thing you’ve done is you’ve added value to your offer by offering deep discounts. Usually, you’re talking 50% off, right? So that’s a deep discount which you’ve set upfront.

Then what you’re doing is you’ve provided scarcity. So down here we’ve given them some scarcity. 

And when you combine all of this, what you’re doing is you’re adding relevancy to what someone is looking for. Right now. They might have seen your products and services and they might be looking for that deep discount. 

Now, I wouldn’t suggest using this for high-ticket items such as a twelve-month program of coaching. I would probably use it for your lower price entry offer to coaching.

So it’s meant for beginner coaches. So let’s say, for example, your main core offer is usually $3,000. People that sign up for the secret sale club, will get 50% off, so they can get it for $1,500. 

Now, what you’re going to do then is that one $1500 that they’ve paid to get into it, they’re not freebie seekers, so don’t think that that’s what they are. They’re paid, they’re interested and they’re committed.

Now what you’ll need to do is deliver results. Now, when you deliver results that will keep them coming around for longer than what you expect and they can’t even be up-sold they can even be up-sold into your twelve-month program.

So I hope you enjoyed the holiday funnel that I just created because it’s quite a simple process. So good luck. Enjoy.


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