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Anthony | Mar 1, 2021

Marketing that Works in 2021

Inbound marketing helps attract potential customers to your business through directing content that addresses their problems known as “pain points”. An inbound marketing


Anthony | Feb 28, 2021

6 Steps to Find 7 Figure Mentors

When you study successful people, one thing they all have in common is they have mentors. If you ask a successful person why it's so important to have mentors, they would


Anthony | Feb 27, 2021

How to Build a Brand When You Start Your Business

The most important piece of your business is branding. A good brand can sell anything, so it's important that you create one that's memorable. Branding is not just about how


Hi, may name is Anthony Manly

So, after staring at a blank page for what seems like years I’ve decided to go out on a limb, and finally write this page, let my nerdy over achiever flag fly, and hopefully give you a deeper sense of who I am… in the hope that someday when we meet you’ll give me a deeper understanding of who you are.