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Hi, Anthony Manly here, I’m an Online Business Coach from Sydney Australia and the owner of SelfManagedBusiness.

When I first started out with my new online rugby league collector card business back in 2004, I struggled terribly to get:

  • A website designed and built that was within my budget
  • Paying customers searching on google for rare collector cards
  • Write blog post articles that Google would see as good content to increase my websites ranking
  • A mentor that could help me scale the business and fast

I had spoken to so many web designers and developers that I was left confused as to what was needed to get a website up and running. I had also attempted to implement so many different marketing methods to attract my ideal paying customers that I was left $100s of dollars out of pocket with advertising costs that I was just about to give up.

All I knew was, that without a website, good sales copy and paying customers searching on Google for rare collector cards my dream of working for myself and leaving my boring full-time job was not getting any closer, something needed to change.

Then I discovered an internet marketing mentor located on the east coast of America who was promoting his latest course on how to "SEO Your Website". So, I purchased the $397.00 course, which stretched my budget, and spent the next 12 weeks watching the training videos, attending group training sessions and implementing the content. In just 2 short months after learning about keywords to attract paying customers to my website I was easily and effortlessly attracting paying customers to my website who were buying the rare collector cards and fast.

Now, I have developed my own method for attracting an Avalanche of Your Ideal Paying Customers to any business.

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