The 5 Keys to a Successful 6 Figure Business: Part 5 The Triage Call

When you’re selling high-level coaching offers, the growth of your business depends on the number of qualified prospects and calls you have with them.

There are a number of ways to generate leads and move these leads to become a qualified prospect that you can schedule a phone call with and better understand their problems and potentially move them to your high-level coaching group.

But during these calls with qualified prospects, you must not

  • have multiple moving parts,
  • offer low ticket offers that move, someone, to a high ticket offer,
  • try to convince people to buy from you

The process we are going to follow is a process I learned from Taki Moore which is the Triage Funnel.  It’s a three-step process that can bring you your perfect ideal prospects in abundance.

Many businesses have adopted this process and you may, In fact, have experienced the process as a customer yourself.

Benefits of the Triage Funnel are:

  • Simple funnel processes with few moving parts
  • No ascension model in which you start with low-ticket offers and then move to high-ticket ones
  • No more trying to convince people to buy

STEP 1: Add a Triage-Call on Your Thank You Pages

Many people when beginning the online marketing journey create a lead magnet and landing page, and when a lead opts-in for whatever it is you’re offering they’re taken to a “Thank You page”

So, what you can do is strategically include the ability for the lead to book a triage call with you or your team to discuss their business and current problems that they are experiencing.

How to add the triage call to your thank you page

Start the content on this page by acknowledging the next step for the material they opted in for in the first place.  Provide an understanding of when the content will arrive in their inbox and the time frame they can expect between now and when it will arrive.  For example, a lead opts-in for a lead magnet (a single piece of information that solves a specific problem e.g. how to build an opt-in page), and on the thank you page it says “Thanks for opting in your “content” will arrive in the next 15 minutes, while you wait…

Next, create relevant copy that focuses the lead to take the next step which is to book a triage call.  This can easily be achieved by adding a video that explains the offer for the triage and how they can book the call.

If they are not interested then you can also include the ability for the lead to reach you on Facebook messenger to chat further, and also the option to join your free Facebook group.

What is a Triage Call

A triage-call is a 10-minute call designed to check in with the lead that became a prospect because they have now booked the call with you to understand if you can actually help them.

The triage call is used to qualify the prospects who actually deserve to go to the next step which is a 45-minute strategy call with you.

The process to deliver a Triage Call

Step 1: begin the call with a warm welcome

(Before we begin, please do not waste your time doing background research on the customer e.g. searching for them on google, checking their social, etc.  You are interested in what they need right now and not wasting effort on old information.)

This might go something like

Hey Mike, welcome to your Gameplan session, really excited about getting to know you and your business over the next 10 minutes and helping you grow.

Today’s gameplan is really the kickoff – we’ll build a customized plan so you know exactly what to do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to get the goals you’re after ok?

Step 2: The agenda

You need to set your agenda for the meeting to keep the prospect focussed

Here’s what I’d like to cover:

  1. Background – you and your business
  2. 12-month goals
  3. A step-by-step plan for your first 90 days; what 3 projects and an action plan

That’s my agenda, what else do you want to cover for this to be really useful today?

Step 3: Listen and take notes on their background

Take notes on their background.  Be warned you may have to refocus the conversation as they will likely do a brain dump of everything and it’s your job to keep the conversation focused.

Step 4: Listen and take notes on their goals

Take notes on their background.  Be warned you may have to refocus the conversation as they will likely do a brain dump of everything and it’s your job to keep the conversation focused.

After you’ve completed both Step 3 and Step 4 you will likely have a high-level understanding of how to approach the plan to help the prospect with a plan for the next 90 days.  This could be as simple as directing them to some content on your blog or it could be directing them to take the next step and book in a strategy session to dig deeper on the points they have raised.

Step 5: Create a Gameplan

Create a Gameplan for your prospect that lists out

  1. the three core projects they should be focused on
  2. the actions they need to take
  3. the tools they can use

Step 6: Follow up

Send out a follow-up email no later than 72 hours after the call that includes a copy of the Gameplan you created together along with any relevant notes.  Include links to resources, useful content, and tools to help the prospect get off to a quick start

Step 7: Add the prospect to your Strategy Call Sequence

A Strategy call sequence is a series of emails designed to demonstrate value to your prospect and help them make a decision about taking their business to the next level with your high-level coaching.

In the next post, we will go over the strategy call process.

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