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The 5 Keys to a Successful 6 Figure Business: Part 4 Boost Sales by Chat

Facebook messenger for marketing, Facebook Messenger live chat, customer engagement

Anthony | January 30, 2021


Why You Should Use Facebook Messenger Live Chat

Facebook Messenger live chat helps you stay in touch with your customers, communicate efficiently, and remind prospects about your offers.

Messaging creates a personal connection

People still prefer to buy from small businesses.


Because smaller stores offer something unique and that’s personal communication. Meeting and talking to customers where they are creating a personal connection that brings you and your brand to life.

Having a dialog with a customer is the basis for building long-lasting relationships

Facebook messenger for marketing, Facebook Messenger live chat, customer engagement


Is Messenger Marketing Right for You?

You firstly must commit to responding in real-time

The bigger the time gap between messages, the greater the chance of a prospect not engaging with the conversation. You must commit to being responsive on Messenger for making this work.

You can manage the conversations

When the conversations start to stack up, the built-in functionality of Facebook pages gets clunky pretty quickly. You’ll need to get organized with a CRM like PepperforClients or use a messenger specific CRM like amoCRM. There’s obviously an investment of your time to set these types of CRMs up, learning, and, if you go beyond the freemium version, money.

You have the sales skills 

Time to sharpen your sales skills and get better at using Facebook messenger chat. If you’ve got basic sales skills (or are willing to learn them), then the chats can unearth better problem language and more sales opportunities.

You’ll need to be responsive, organised, and have a good grounding in sales skills.

If you’re in that position and are looking to explore your audience, then I think now is the perfect moment to add that “Send Message” button to your Facebook posts.

Essential Basics to Selling with Facebook Messenger

Effective communication.

That’s what sales come down to in the end. Sales are the transferral of trust, and trust is built through effective communication.

So to increase sales, the one thing you need to be focusing on is how to effectively communicate with your clients.

If you’ve not already started getting your Messenger campaigns up and running, it’s high time you did. But before you do (or if you’re looking to optimize your current efforts) be sure to run through the following  essential hints.

Set up Auto-Responses for When You not there to be Responsive

In an ideal world, you’d have a team who knows your business inside out and willing to work 24 hours a day. Not impossible to create, for example, you could have a virtual team located in the Phillipines, another in the US and they can take turns managing the chat sessions 24 hours a day.  There are also services available that are dedicated to assist you as well if you short on time to train your own team.

Manychat is another option and you can create some awesome AI-based responses which trigger on keywords.

If you take the time to figure out a good sales funnel with these AI-based responses, you can actually sit back and let the AI handle your communication.

Repurpose Your Best Email Sequences

You most likely have a number of action-triggered email sequences set up for your business to help drive revenue. The following list is meant as a guide however you may have something similar setup

  • Cart abandonment campaign
  • Receipt delivery
  • Fulfillment and delivery updates
  • Welcome messages
  • Cross and up-sell promotions

If you have email sequences that are already getting good results, you should look at moving them over to Messenger to take advantage of the far higher open and click rates.

Facebook messenger for marketing, Facebook Messenger live chat, customer engagement

Talk Like You are Friends

With email, you’re talking at your users. It’s a one-directional where there are often delays between sending, reading, and replying to content.

People will save emails to read at specific times of day, which means you can send long sales letters and detailed promotional campaigns and not have to worry too much about putting people off.

Messenger, on the other hand, is used almost exclusively on mobile devices. The small screen and nature of Messenger mean people won’t engage with lengthy sales pitches or detailed promotions.

Messenger templates can be created in a fraction of the time because they’re rarely more than a sentence in length. They’re also more fun and a little easier to create as it’s akin to writing to your friends.

Messenger facilitates friendly conversations and so you should be doing whatever you can to come across as a friend, rather than just another brand.

Use Emojis – Emojis are a great way to help your messages stand out.

Use GIFs and Images – High-quality images of your products and services can increase conversions. Again,

Pro Tip

The secret to writing effective messages is to write as you would with your friends.

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Be silly and add in some images and GIFs to build better relationships. As long as you don’t overstep the line, you’ll build a better image of both your products, services and importantly your brand.


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