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Language Magic for Overcoming Sales Objections

how to overcome sales objections, overcoming objections when closing a sale, overcoming sales objections

Anthony | September 22, 2022



Good day. Anthony Manly here from Today I want to talk to you about discovering the secrets to overcoming objections and closing more sales. 

So the way I see it is that amateurs pretend their prospects don’t have objections or pray the prospect doesn’t verbalize them in the first place.

Semi-pros on the other hand, they’re normally from the old-school style of selling and they’ve got canned responses that are just waiting on the tip of their tongue to annihilate a prospect as soon as they bring up an objection and just as soon as it just reads its ugly head. Objection handling.

Overcoming objections meaning.

On the other hand, a professional handles as many objections as possible in advance as part of their presentation or their video sales letter before the prospect even verbalizes them.


So I’m going to walk you through a three-step process for doing exactly that and give you three methods.

  1. Look at your offer and create a list of all the objections your prospect could have to not buying.

Don’t cheat here.

Write them all down, even the ones that are tough to handle.

  1. Look at your sales script and this is the same for a presentation or a video and see whether you can logically weave in answers to the objections.

So the best method is to create a list of objections before you start writing your script for doing this. And you’ll naturally cover at least some objections as part of your planning of your presentation of your video sales letter.

  1. Determine how you’re going to handle the objections and script out your answers.


So there are many ways that you can handle objections and I’m going to give you three methods right now to get you started.

  1. Tackle the objection head-on.

And the best way to do this, which takes a little bit of the sting out of this method altogether, is to use the mind reading technique.

Where you claim to know what your prospect is thinking. So here are some words that you can use as a lead. These are probably some of the best words that I’ve ever used.

how to overcome sales objections, overcoming objections when closing a sale, overcoming sales objections

You might be wondering and you might be thinking.

So an example might be you might be thinking, hey, this sounds too good to be true and when you think about it, you’re helping them answer that objection.

  1. The second way to overcome the objections is through the use of case studies and testimonials.

So here’s a language, some magic around language, if I can put it that way. That makes this technique even more powerful.

It’s also a form of mind reading as well.

So instead of making a statement directly to your prospect as you did in the previous step, wondering and thinking, you can use words such as some people think or some people question.

For example, some people think this is also a risky investment. That’s an example. So using the words some people put your prospects in a non-resistant state and allows you to answer the objection without the prospect having to admit they even have the objection. 

And this is a particularly effective strategy when a prospect might not admit they have an objection in the first place.

  1. Overcome the objection in advance of the prospect thinking of it by planting the answer to the complaint in their head.

And then what you’re going to do is you’re going to later recall this and answer their objections.

So here’s an example. You know that once your prospect hears about the price point of your product or service, they might be thinking I can’t afford it. So I’m going to illustrate something to you around wording to use when a prospect brings up this it costs too much.

So here’s a way you can handle it if it says something like but Mr. And Mrs. Prospect or Mrs. Prospect, whoever they are.

I remember reading once that successful people invest in themselves and their education.

So if you want to be successful, you should too. And that brings up massive resistance and puts me in a competitive position with the prospect.

Can you see how quickly I’ve done that? Objection handling.

Now when the object of it costs too many pops into the prospect’s heads, it’s immediately, it’s meant by the thought that I planted earlier and I’m answering the objections by planting a thought in the prospect’s minds in advance of them even having the thought in the first place. And I’m addressing it head-on because it bypasses the prospect’s conscious resistance.

So by hiding the answer to the objection in the context of a story and doing it before the prospect even has the objection, you don’t get any resistance.

So here’s my suggestion about the next steps.

Go and make a list of all the objections that your prospects might have and then layer those answers into your presentation or your video sales letter and give these three techniques a go.


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