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The Power of Process

the power process, power of process, what is power process

Anthony | September 19, 2022



Good day. Anthony Manly here from Today I want to talk to you about the power of process. Now you’ve probably heard this phrase before because life is too short to be doing the same things over and over ever again and in fact, it’s the definition of insanity.

Now when you harness the power process in your everyday life, you’ll soon find that you can accomplish a lot more in a shorter period. And in saying that, it’s essential in your marketing and applies to your business.

So two different sides of the coin here.

So if you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, you’re explaining the same things to team members over and over again. You know that you have an opportunity to create a process or make your life easier.

Now, when we think of the word process, most people automatically think of automation which is common and then we make up everything we can think of. We’re going to automate it, we’re going to automate this process and while they can work to get started and get something up and running quickly, the real power comes from segmentation and speaking directly to your prospects.

So I’m just shifting gears a little bit when it comes to process automation. The extra time that you spend creating segmentation as a process that can work for you over and over again, the better your marketing campaigns can become.

Now recently what I did is I was looking to add, I had a specific number in mind so I chose five people and it was a higher-priced mastermind. So it’s our boardroom level and what I wanted to do is launched this mastermind program which is what we call boardroom sorry. 

We spent a lot of time creating the sales letter and we crafted an offer so that we could segment the list down to a target market.

However, we only got a response from three out of ten people.

Not ideal.

Now because it’s such a high-price program, it’s not for everyone and not even for our best clients. It’s a unique set of clients that we’re after and they are at a specific point in their learning curve. And when I say specific point it’s focused on the very high end.

Now, what I did is I had a team member explain why she thought specific clients were right for the program and I took her words and used those in a sales letter.

And so you’re probably thinking to yourself well why would I bring this up in an article about the process?

Well, because this is what I believe so many times processes are taken the wrong way. And what I believe is it should be a hands-off process and it should be the same when it comes to your marketing but also in business as well.

So we need to create a process so that we can speak directly to our prospects that results in an amazing experience for them.

So we’re spending an hour writing seven personal letters, which are all very similar, but took the time to explain why we believe this was the right program for each prospect based on where they’re at with their businesses and also results which then resulted in almost doubling the response. 

So we took that time. Right?

Now you might not be selling a program such as what we were as a mastermind program or even a high-priced product or service. The key is your prospects are looking for why your product or service is right for them, not for everyone, okay? Not right for their neighbor and not right for a 46-year-old male living in a suburb where their children go to school.

They are wanting you to make the connection as to why it’s right for them, for their unique situation, for their unique problem.

So those that harness this and speak directly to the individual prospects, you’re going to find a pretty good response rate.

So how can we do this without having to write individual sales, marketing letters, and materials? Right?

So I’m just going to run you through three ideas.


So the first idea is to come up with personalized letters.

Now, what I mean by personalized letters is your main sales letters remain untouched, right?

And what you want to do is let it do the heavy lifting for you.

So instead of using the same lift letter or the same sales letter for everyone you start to speak to directly, what you want to do is you want to talk specifically to them as an individual.

the power process, power of process, what is power process

So what we do here at selfmanagedbusiness, we use this for intensives of a different letter.

So that goes to each different level of membership, to each different level of coaching, like a specific group and even those who have attended an event before, and then for those that have never attended an event, right?

So this idea flows from top to bottom.

And what we tend to do is we focus on the conversation where they’re at and what they’re focused on, and we’re also focused on how we can help them.


The second thing that you can use is quizzes and questionnaires or quizzes and assessments, right?

So using a quiz or assessment is a powerful way to get the data needed to create an automated process so that you’re speaking directly to your prospect.

It’s not that difficult to set up a quiz and you can use the answer to previous questions to formulate the next question as an example.

the power process, power of process, what is power process

So as an example, what you could do is you could say that the answer to the previous question might have been it’s meant for 30 to 39-year-old females, right? In question, whatever it was.

Now what you can then do is you can then say the next question. You might be turning around and saying hey, do you believe that for 30-year-olds, this is your biggest challenge with X, right? It already feels like someone who knows me and my challenges if I’m talking to that age group, right?

Whereas if I said something like, hey, someone in their 20s, what do you think their problem is? Well, you’re not talking to me, you’re talking to a 20-year-old. You’re not talking to a 30-year-old to a 39-year-old.

So this is why it’s so important to know your target market and they are looking for someone who gets them.

So these segmentation questions on web forms and order forms work wonders, right?

And throughout your lead generation, you want to have conversations when you’re getting information from prospects and you want to ask questions that are when they’re first opting in for an example.

And what it does is it reduces the response, it doesn’t reduce the response rate.

However, you only want pre-qualified leads and if they’re not willing to give you that information, then they’re not willing to assist you to better specifically help them.

So what you can do is take some of these answers that you’re getting around the biggest challenges. You might want to then take those responses and you can then segment them into the right specific areas within your business.


Now, what you want to do is you want to take the automated responses or take the responses and turn them into automation, right?

So what you’re saying to people is hey, for this specific type of person, we can assist you by getting this type of results.

the power process, power of process, what is power process

So when they come to it, you can then direct them to a specific sales area or a sales video, which answers that question. And what you’ll find is that your results are going to go through the roof because you’re directing specifically to those people that are looking for the solutions to their problems.

Now, you will find that you’ll go from mediocre sales to extraordinary sales if you just take on this specific process around segmenting your customers, your prospects, and your leads and giving them the experience that they’re looking for. The power process.


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