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Selling Based On Emotion

Anthony | September 26, 2022



Hi, Anthony Manly here from Today I want to talk to you about selling, and specifically selling based on emotion. And people buy on emotion and then they back the sale up with their logic.

How do you sell products with emotions.

Do people buy based on emotion?

So that’s how people buy. And there was a famous acting teacher by the name of Dennis Lewinsky, I know it’s a hard thing to say, who taught something called “The Method”.

Now, a Method actor recalls feelings from his or her personal experience so they can feel what the character is supposed to be feeling. A powerful exercise for you to use the Method, as Lewinsky called it, is to become your prospect.

Now, do you feel what they feel?

Do you think what they think?

Do you talk the way they talk?

Are you getting to know them and feeling them? Once you do that, you will automatically sell more.

So you probably think to yourself, how do I do this?

To feel and understand at a deep level what your most perfect ideal prospect wants and needs so that you have an excellent experience with how they feel.

Now you have an advantage if at one time you would have been your prospect, the need for slick closing techniques fades away because your prospect will end up trusting you to help them solve their problems or get the results they desire.

Now, additionally, if you know what your prospect is feeling and what they want, you can put together a virtually irresistible offer.

Most people do just the opposite.

They create a product or service and hope it resonates with their prospects.

Why is emotional selling important?

Why is emotion important in sales?

On the other hand, if you were never actually in your prospect’s shoes if you weren’t one of them, you need to use what’s called “The Method”, which is what I just mentioned before, to feel the real emotions your prospects are feeling. Now, if you’re thinking, but I don’t know what my prospect is feeling, then you’ll have to find out.

Knowing your prospect is the foundation of successful selling.

So let’s do a quick exercise and it might seem a little bit woo woo, but it’s not a whole lot of fun, first of all. But it’s going to give you some help, right, to understand and get your prospect shoes.

 So shut your eyes and go back into a place where you felt frustrated, angry, or sad. So much so that you would have paid almost any amount of money to get out of it, out of the pain of frustration, or to solve the problem.

Now, what you want to do is visualize yourself at that time. If you’re not good at visualizing, that’s cool.

Just look like you’re going back in time. Sorry. Feel like you’re going back in time.

And what you want to understand is what are the thoughts running through your head?

selling based on emotion, emotional selling, the method of selling

So what are you saying to yourself and what are the pictures you’re making inside your mind? And it seems a bit woo woo, but hey, if you’re a good visualizer, you can generally tap into that emotion.

Now, you want to take the time to feel these emotions and then what you want to do is open your eyes and maintain the emotions that you’re experiencing.

And then you want to become your prospect and then finish this sentence, if I could, just now by doing that and how you finish that sentence in the emotional state you’re experiencing as your prospect is the solution that they want to desire, and that is exactly what you want to sell them.

So what is your prospect feeling and how do they finish that sentence?

You might be thinking, this is a bit woo woo, and I fully get that.

However, you won’t find this in books on selling. And it’ll just make a huge difference in how you relate to your customers, clients, or if you’ve got patients, for example.

You’ll have empathy for your prospects and feel your prospects, and they will know that you truly understand them at the deepest level.

And without understanding come sorry. With that understanding comes trust and boosting your sales.

So go and try that exercise. See how you go. It does make a difference.

I know it sounds a bit woo, but hey, if you’re a good visualizer, you can tap into your own emotions and put yourself in that place.

So give it a go.


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