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Eight High Converting Headline Templates that can Increase Response by up to 500%

Anthony | August 30, 2022



Hi. Anthony Manly here from In today’s video, I want to talk to you about headlines that can increase your readability and response rates by up to 500%. Now, what you’ll find is that most people put a lot of effort into making content and it can be a laborious chore if you’re not careful. And a lot of people, what they tend to do is they focus on creating the best piece I can create.

However, they forget about the headline.

And in David Ogilvy’s terms, what that means is that probably from his perspective, he used to say that five times the amount of people who read the headline that read the content, which is very true.

Now, the headline is your first impression. 

So if you think about when you wake up in the morning and you’re looking at your phone and you’re going through news feeds, it’s generally a headline that attracts you to what’s going on. It could be the newsfeed, which I highly recommend you don’t follow, or it could be an article of interest.

Now, psychologists and there was also a neuroscientist by the name of I think it was Ulrich Ecker found that headlines change the way people read or are sorry about an article after they’ve read it because of the headline.

So it’s how they feel about it. That’s quite an interesting piece of information because psychologists know that first impressions matter.

Now, Upworthy is another big website that we commonly know has a lot of content.

And the co-founder there by the name of Peter Coach Lee described the headline that could increase the open rate of content and the readability of content by up to 500%.

So that’s why I said at the beginning of this that headlines can increase your potential readability by up to 500%. 

Now, it seems like a bold claim.

However, what I’m going to do today is run you through eight of one the most key important headlines that you can use.

Now, I’m not saying that the standard headlines, and I’ll just read you a couple out here of what I was going to do here is like how to write a headline readers are compelled to click, right?

So we’re doing the typical how-to, and that addresses the reader. Okay?

So we’ve then got ways you can write a headline that makes readers click, and then we’ve got questions.

What makes readers click on a headline?

So Buzzumo also did some research and they found that ten-item lists received four times the amount of social shares, right?

So at least ten items.

So here are ten items on how to do something. I’m going to give you eight today, by the way, not ten. So 23 or 16 or 24 points listed out that you give are runners-up.

So did you hear that 23 followed by 16, followed by 24 were runner-up to a list of ten items, according to BuzzSumo?

Now, that’s quite an interesting fact when you think about it, and it’s still valid well and truly after this research was performed.

Now, this research came out, I think, in late 2018. So it’s a couple of years old now, so it’s now 2022. However, these headlines still matter.

1. Ultimate Headline Formula

So the first headline is what they commonly call the ultimate headline formula. And the way it’s broken down is and the reason why is the numbers plus an adjective, plus a target keyword, plus a rationale, plus a promise.

So, as an example, these could be the six simple ways to sell your house in 24 hours. Six simple ways to sell your house in 24 hours. Here’s another one.

high converting, headline templates, ultimate headline formula

Five healthy new menu items for under $7 will get your bathing suit ready. That was quite interesting. So, five healthy new menu items for under $7 that will get you a bathing suit ready.

So if someone’s coming into summer or spring or whatever the case may be the next headline. 

So that’s the first headline.

2. Social Proof Headline Formula

The next headline is the social proof headline formula.

And I quite like this social-proof headline formula. It’s what everybody should know about.

Now, if you think about it, it’s a pretty compelling headline.

high converting, headline templates, ultimate headline formula

So what everybody should know about sugar, what everybody should know about long-term care planning, what everyone should know about pancakes, I don’t know, whatever it is for you.

That’s the second one.

3. Little Extra Formula Headline

The third one is the headline, plus a little something extra formula, so high converting headline formula, something extra you offer. And a good example of that could be the following.

How to double your profits in one year from a billionaire who’s done it 27 times.

high converting, headline templates, ultimate headline formula

And that’s a pretty compelling headline when you think about it. Here are another 110 summer restaurant specials to try. Three, offer picnic style in a garden atmosphere.

So they’re pretty compelling headlines.

Five Landing Page Headline formulas

 The next one I’ve got is five landing page headline formulas.

So everyone’s familiar with what a landing page is. 

4. Eliminate the pain Landing page headline. 

Get the barely seen but relevant adjective power of whatever your product does without the pain.

high converting, headline templates, ultimate headline formula

So a good example of that is treating your gum disease with cutting, stitching, or bleeding. That’s an interesting one. Beat tension headaches without pills. That’s another interesting one.

5. Promised-based SEO landing page headline formula.

So adjective and adjective what you are. SEO keywords that will be highly desirable promise results. So new and useful content. Marketing trends that will drive you more traffic. Unique and useful tax strategies that will save you money.

high converting, headline templates, ultimate headline formula

These are all interesting headlines for a landing page, and they’re very compelling. You’d be very surprised at how many people will click and give you their information based on this.

6. The third type of landing page headline is the explicit promise.

Landing page headline formula. And this is we promise you this highly desirable promise or results.

high converting, headline templates, ultimate headline formula

That’s how it’s written. So we promise just one thing: get more traffic from your PPC ads. We promise to cut your taxes by 50%. We promised to find your skin troubles. Sorry. Yeah, we promised to find your skin troubles.

 These are all very good headlines for the type of landing page that you may have.

7. Comparison Landing Page Headline Formula. 

No one competitor does this undesirable and unimpressive thing, and your brand name does the highly desirable or impressive thing.

So here’s an example.

high converting, headline templates, ultimate headline formula

Sensory experts found Publix Oatmeal soft and mushy. Can you see how we’ve offloaded it to our competitor? And Quaker Oatmeal, which is full of nutty grain flavor with a toasted taste. Another example could be Toshiba plasma TV earned a C plus in a consumer rating.

Panasonic earned an A plus.

So can you see how we’re doing a comparison?

8. Value proposition landing Page Headline Formula.

 And I’m enjoying these headline formulas. I hope you are, too.

The only SEO keyword phrase made exclusively for highly desirable outcomes or benefits. So, as an example, the only Martial Arts studio in South Florida to offer self-defense classes is Bruce Lee’s Dojo.

The only business coach to make fortunes. World’s most admired companies. Top 50 All-Stars list.

Now, a few final tried and true headline tips. If I can just call this out and I’m just going to just rattle them off to you. So when you’re writing these types of headlines, think about your reader.

Think about what they are thinking when they’re looking for this type of content. You also need to think about where they are in the funnel, at the top, the middle, or the bottom.

And if you’re not familiar with that type of terminology, the top of the funnel is people that are looking for information. The middle of the funnel is people that are almost about to buy, but they just want a little bit more additional information. And then the bottom of the funnel is essentially bought now.

So you need to understand where they sit within the funnel. And you also need to understand what is the piece of content that you’re writing and what is the result that you’re looking for.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed that. I know I’ve read them from a sheet, but they’re very compelling headlines. If you take those on board, you’ll be very surprised at how many clicks. And hopefully, you can increase the number of clicks and the number of people or the leadership of your content.


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