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Want more sign ups? Then Offer Better Bonuses

Anthony | September 5, 2022



Hi. Anthony Manly here from Today. I want to talk to you about what you need to do to get more sign-ups. So if you want more sign-ups, then you need to offer better bonuses.

So what does that mean?

When you’re to ask people to sign up for your thing, whether it be a newsletter or monthly subscription, whatever it is for you, you’re asking them to commit to a new monthly bill.

Now, a new monthly bill could be their car payment, child support, water bill, Netflix, rent, etc. And you want them to commit to another dip in their already thin wallet.

So the obvious truth is that people don’t like to sign up for monthly bills.

They do, however, want to get the immediate result they want.

Now, when you think about that, that’s where using a bonus or a stack of bonuses to get people to sign up for your thing comes in extremely handy.

Now people are looking for an immediate result, like in immediate, like right now. And they don’t want to wait, and they sure don’t want to sit around and wait for a newsletter that might address their problem, come out later in the month, and at some unknown point in the future, they’re thinking to themselves, well, hang on a minute, it takes so long to come out, why would I want to sign up for it?

So, realistically, they just want results and they want them now.

And you can use this to your advantage when offering bonuses to entice somebody to sign up immediately for your newsletter.

For example, or your monthly subscription, whatever that might be, like a monthly blog newsletter as an example, or a paid subscription.


So the most important thing from a copywriting perspective is the title of your bonus.

It’s everything.

So spend about 90% of your time creating an anticipation-building title for your bonus, something they can relate to, that’s emotional. Then just make sure that you fill the bonuses that you’re saying that you’re going to deliver.

So which titles for your bonuses work best to drive action from people that are looking for a solution?

attracting customers, how to get more subscribers, incentives and bonuses

You want titles that are targeted towards a specific group of people that promise a single tangible, immediate result that works best. Okay, so titles that focus on fears and frustrations, make great bonuses because you can take them from fears and frustrations to wants and aspirations. And when you’re offering a bonus, you should address one specific area, and you should do so in an easy push-button fixed solution. Okay?

So I’m going to give you some good examples of good overall topics for bonuses.

So a good overall topic would be saving time, for example, saving money, avoiding effort, and escaping pain. Most people want to escape the pain.

So within these categories, you want to list off the most critical objections, problems, hang-ups, and excuses people have for not getting results and you want to have a great bonus that’s emotionally compelling.

So the title solves the problem for them. So when they say the title, I think that, yes, that will solve my problem. So here are some title formats you can use.

Pay-Off Plus the Word Code

So the first one I’m going to use is pay-off plus the word code.

So a good example is high ticket sales funnel code, million dollar subscriber code, and high converting tick-tock ad code. We all know about TikTok ads at the moment.

 Ideal Identity Plus Topic Plus Shortcuts

Another one is ideal identity plus topic plus shortcuts.

So the super mum’s virus protection shortcut, especially around Covid at the moment, the special forces operators shortcut to crush your fitness test. Another title format could be the plus thing, plus result plus hack. 

So the seven minutes ABS hacked. I think we’ve all heard of that before.

 The three-hour book writing hack.

So you need to make every title emotionally compelling and timely.


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