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The 5 Keys to a Successful 6 Figure Business

Anthony | January 27, 2021


After discovering an old journal from 2011, I sat down today and skimmed through page after page of notes from journaling every day.

To my amazement, I stumbled across a page that listed out 5 Keys to a Successful 6 Figure Business.  From what I could make out the notes were from a three-day seminar that I had attended and the notes were scrawled across the page because I was writing so fast.

So upon reading the notes, what I could make out I’ve decided to put together a series of posts on here for you that describe the 5 Key Accelerators to a 6 Figure Business.  This is the first article in the 5 post series, so expect a post for each accelerator.

The first page I read had the words FACEBOOK in big capital letters written at the top of the page followed by this statement:

“There’s 1 thing that won’t get you to six figures in your coaching business. and that’s spending time on Social media.”

I sat back after reading this thinking hang on on a minute these notes are about 10 years old and that one sentence is somewhat valid today.  I then read on and here’s what I discovered written in this journal.

Here’s key numero uno of the Five Keys to a Successful 6 Figure Business

Key Numero Uno

Purpose, mission, and vision statements can be confusing. It can be even more confusing to understand why each word is relevant, and how each part relates to one another.

If you want your audience to connect with your mission, you need to communicate with clarity about why, what, and how you are creating value and impact.

If you’re traveling to any destination, you begin at one point along a certain path, and eventually, arrive at your destination.

When you begin any journey, you subconsciously have an inner conversation around these four questions:

“Why am I going to a particular destination?

“What will it be like when I arrive?”

“How will I get there?”

“Who will I see when I arrive?”

Without realizing it, you worked within a purpose-driven framework.

Purpose focuses on four elements of impact:

Why do you believe you can make a difference? Purpose needs a reason.

Who do you work to impact? Purpose needs people.

How do you achieve the impact? Purpose needs a plan.

What will impact look like when you achieve it? Purpose needs vision and impact.


Start with Your Purpose to Understand the Difference between your Vision and Mission


Begin with a purpose. Your purpose is the why behind you and the reason why your business has begun a journey, guided by the deeply-held values and beliefs that inspire it to make a difference.


Vision is your destination, at a point in the future. This is what you expect to find when you arrive at the destination. What can also be the specific product or service you sell. Your mission is the path you take to get to your vision, which connects your purpose with your impact.


Your mission is the path your business follows to arrive at its destination: When someone asks you where are you going, they ask you how you are going to get there. Your mission is the how: the unique way you do what you do, the path you choose to follow, the decisions and the goals you set to get to your destination.

The impact is what matters: What are the strategic goals that align with your purpose, and what are the measurable results to achieving your vision?.

Here’s some action you can take right now, if you haven’t already sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and write out your Why, What and How.

By doing this exercise you will be able to connect far more quickly with your audience because they will be aligned to your personal values and understand the value you deliver.

In the next post, I’ll post the second step which is “CONTENT”.  You need to be able to touch, move and inspire people.


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