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The 5 Keys to a Successful 6 Figure Business: Part 2 Content

Anthony | January 28, 2021


Continuing on from the first post in this series…

Here’s key Numero Dos of the Five Keys to a Successful 6 Figure Business

Key Numero Dos

Content is everywhere whether you’re watching the TV, flicking your Facebook feed, search for something on the internet there is always someone producing some kind of content.

If you’re anything like me you start searching for something on Google and the next thing you know 20 minutes have gone by and you’ve completely forgotten what you were searching for in the first place.  You end up on some random website and signing up with your email address to the freebie newsletter or widget thing you think you need only to discover a day or so later that you have 10 unread emails from the same website promoting stuff,

Really annoying.  Here’s my suggestion to you, STOP consuming content and start creating.  Sounds simple however it’s actually quite difficult however there’s a solution that I learned from Ari Meisel that I’m going to share with you so you can become a creator and stop consuming.

Here’s the step by step process to help you process a massive amount of content on a weekly basis to come up with ideas for content creation.

Step 1: Topics and Categories 

We all have a liking to some topic or category and usually, that liking falls into one of the big three categories of Wealth, Health, and Relationships.  So the first step is to understand what content from your topic or category is most valuable to you (preferably less BS the better unless you’re into Days of Our Lives).

Step 2: Consolidate

We need to consolidate the content in one place from all the sources that you’re getting it from

    • blogs
    • websites
    • email
    • screenshots on your mobile phone

If you’re consuming content located from various sources it becomes a nightmare to jump form source to source.

What I do is get everything I find from all these different sources into one consolidated place.  The place is a Trello list.Image for post

Courtesy: @AriMeisel

Now the way that things get onto this list, a lot of it is powered by automation setup with an app called IFTTT (If This Then That)

  • Setup Feedly to follow all of the different blogs and when you “save” something on Feedly, IFTTT creates a card for it in Trello
  • If you get an interesting email you can forward it to a special email address on your Trello board and automatically Trello creates a card on the list
  • If you visit a cool website on your desktop you can install a Trello App in Chrome that allows you to click the Trello extension and a card is created in your list.

  • Theis one is cool – if you take a screenshot on your iPhone of a text message or a website or even a screen on a particular app, IFTTT will turn that into a Trello card.

So that’s how you get everything into one organized place.

Step 3: Sorting the list

By Scrolling through the list you have created you can decide if the item is still valid, to be deleted or leveraged for something you want to write about.

Image for post

Courtesy @arimeisel

Step 4: Decide

Now that you have the content on the board you can decide what channel it has to go to  (refer to the above example) and you can put due dates on items, which in turn organizes your content calendar so you can consistently produce content

Step 5: Backup 

This is the best part, no matter what gets saved to your list, you can create a trigger with Evernote that tells IFTTT to create a note in Evernote.

This is the ultimate brain dump because Evernote is good at bringing back content that’s relevant in the moment. It does that through the things you add to it in the moment as well as whatever you search for on Google.

You need to connect the Evernote app to Google and when you do the power you have is quite amazing.

When you’re searching for stuff on Google ot the right-hand side notes you have saved in the app will appear that relate to the search term you’ve entered.   This ensures that nothing ever falls through the cracks and there’s always a place for things to go in order to be useful.


In the next post, I’ll provide you a simple and effective content framework you can apply to produce amazing content that engages your reader.  You need to be able to touch, move and inspire people.


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