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Take Control of Your Progress with the Progress Sheet™

Anthony | January 7, 2021


Bringing Control Into Your World

In the Get Clients Profitably and Predictably™ course, we introduce a tool called the Progress Sheet.

The Progress sheet is how it all starts, it’s how you start to take control.

It’s a representation of the things we most crave, coaches and as business people.  And today I’m going to help you take advantage of the progress sheet, even though you might not have the sheet itself.

Here we go… Start by getting a blank piece of paper.

On the left-hand side, write Wins in big fat letters.  Underneath, and list all the things you are most proud of.

You should write both big and small wins.  And I’m going to give you some categories to kind of guide you through it.

These could be…

  • Marketing wins
  • Sales wins
  • Client wins
  • Projects launched
  • Projects killed because they no longer serve you

Fo the categories, put down the wins that happened over the past 12 weeks.

Your list should contain about 10 to 15 items, and great of there’s more.

What you should have after the exercise is a page with a bunch of cool stuff.  Give yourself a minute to scan through the list and note down one word next to each win to describe that win.

For example – what is it about the listed win that makes it feel like a win?

Now, look at the list and circle the three things that make you the happiest.

Share your top three wins with someone else.  It could be your friend, a family member, or a partner.

Celebrate the wins together and reflect on how far you’ve come.

This exercise is important because we’re often hunting and chasing the future.  And we never stop to celebrate the incredible wins of teh past.

But you know better now!

Understanding all the great things that happened in the past is incredible for motivation.  It will lead you to even more momentous wins in the future.


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