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Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur: Part 2

Anthony | December 28, 2020


How I transitioned from Entrepreneur to employee back to an Entrepreneur

It was soon the end of 2019 and I had worked a lot of jobs as a contractor. I was a manager in some cases, but I was still someone else’s employee.

What I didn’t realize is that I carried that employee mindset and it was impacting my view to run my own business.  As an employee, I viewed my job (just over broke) as a necessary evil. I needed to do the work to make to pay the bills.

There were times, I put everything I had into a project, but for the most part, I realised I was struggling to work beyond the bare minimum.  I felt resentful that I wasn’t in charge of a project or frustrated that I couldn’t control the working environment. I looked at what was wrong with my job, with my co-workers, with my bosses.

The reality finally set in on March 18 2020 and COVID19 had put the Bank I was working for into lockdown which meant working from home.  Finally, I could escape this charade I was living and everything would improve right away, I’d finally have the time to dedicate to my business and become an Entrepreneur again.

But as I started working from home, I continued to look for what was wrong, and who or what I could blame.

I thought about how my fellow team members were treating me badly, how my hours were too long, how my work wasn’t meaningful, or how I was a victim of some personal circumstance or other.

This victim’s way of thinking, what I call the employee mindset, says we are at the mercy of some menacing, greater power that runs our lives. This false perspective must be destroyed if we want to succeed as business owners.

Fast forward today, December 28 and I am finally pushing ahead with my dream.  Over the last 75 days,

I have successfully completed the 75 Hard Challenge with Andy Frisella, This challenge has proven that I am mentally tough and capable of moving back into Entrepreneurship.  I dropped a total of 16 kgs in weight and gained muscle and also realised how my days needed to be scheduled so that I was prepared for anything.

75 Hard with Andy Frisella

If you want to build your mental toughness then check out the 75 Hard Challenge with Andy Frisella and make sure you listen to his PodCast. Be prepared to be challenged as you attempt to do the following for 75 days

  1. Drink 4 liters of water (1 gallon)
  2. do 2 x 45-minute workouts (1 must be outdoors and can be a walk)
  3. You must stick to a diet
  4. No Cheat meals
  5. No Alcohol
  6. You must take a progress pic each and every day
  7. Read 10 pages of a book
Sounds simple however when you start it’s much harder to overcome the voice in your head than you think
Here’s the link to Andy Frisella and the 75 Hard Challenge 
Real AF Podcast

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