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6 Tips to Build a Personal Brand

Anthony | March 29, 2021


1. Personal Branding

If a brand wants representation from an influencer, who are they more likely to choose;

  • the person who has a huge following but no clear, defined image, or
  • the person whose persona, brand, image is rock solid?

Brands are more likely to collaborate with influencers who are examples of branding successes.  The goal of a brand is to reach a specific audience with a branded message, and the better way to do that is with someone who has proven they can do this with their own personal brand.

If you have no idea how to create your personal brand and do brand influencer marketing the right way, here are some ideas.

2. Niche down

The more clearly defined vision and the more unique, niche target focus a brand cultivates, the greater the chance of success.

Does choosing a niche make you nervous because you don’t know what to choose, fear not, follow your intuition and write about things that speak to your heart.

3. Persistence 

Once you have cultivated a personal brand including

  • a voice
  • a niche you to focus on, it’s full steam ahead.

Brand influencers have incredible competition, the clock is always on, expectations run high, and failure is just around every corner.

That said, the only way to become successful is to persist, day in and day out.

4. Authentic Voice

The more authentically you write, Vlog, and speak, the more longevity you will have.

You’ll be less likely to burn out creating content that is unrelated to your life, passions, and purpose.  If you build an influence based on your authentic self, everything else should fall in line more easily; your personal brand, your niche, your engagement with fans, your following, your connection with brands.

5. Be Approachable

Share your story, allow people to email you, tweet you, reach out to you on a human level, you will build a following much faster than if you choose to remain closed and secretive.

Considering that nearly 100% of the time people trust recommendations that come from friends you need to befriend your followers rather than to keep a distance from them.

6. Keep it Simple

It’s easy as a content creator to become stuck in a rut and feel as though you are experiencing “writer’s block”.

Fear, doubt, self-criticism, competition, disappointment, lack of followers, and all sorts of obstacles will lead you down the path of influencer self-destruction. It is often these types of feelings that block the creative flow.

Whatever you need to do to remain grounded and feeling on top of the world, do that.


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