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5 Mindset Shifts to Achieve What You Want

Anthony | March 15, 2021


When you decide to make a life change, it can be very scary, because change is scary.

However, the only way to successfully deal with change is to master it, and when you do, launching your life forward will eventually become easier.

Here’s Five Mindset Shifts to Successfully Manage Change

1. Define your vision and your passion.

There is no vision without seeing. So step out of your comfort zone.

Experience, feel, smell and taste what you are passionate about.  Discover yourself, what you stand for and what you stand against. Then ask yourself what you want in life and why it’s important to you.

Find what gets you fired up.

Your vision is about you and your desires, and it has to be complete, clear, and brutally honest.

2. Become clear and very precise about what you want.

Stop, if you can, and take a break from the day-to-day race.

Take a notebook, choose a quiet place and time, and write down what you specifically want to achieve and how you’ll know when you’ve achieved it.

Write down everything. Your brain will do what you want, but in order to get there, you need to be very specific about your mission. So start writing your dreams in full detail.

Often you know precisely what you want, but after some time, you can start to lose momentum. That’s when you slow down and enter a slump. Sometimes you need to reach outside of yourself to pull the best out.

Ask yourself: Who is impacted by my dream? Who stands to benefit from it?

Think of all your loved ones. How would they be influenced one year down the road after your dream is fulfilled? What about two years? You’re getting stronger, the benefits to your loved ones are growing and the impact on the community around you expands. Visualise how it all accumulates after five years.

Focus on that vision and feel the energy.

Return to this visualisation exercise each time your motivation needs a boost.

3. Plan to achieve your dream and set a start date.

How will you get to your dream? What are the skills you need? What new knowledge do you need to acquire?

One of the simplest ways to create a roadmap for your journey toward your dream is to model the actions of the people who already succeeded in what you wish to achieve.

Find those people. Interview them.

Replicate their steps. Learn. When you start, you’ll hit the ground running.

4. Work on your beliefs.

Our beliefs are external (what we say aloud) and internal (what we feel deep in our hearts).

The internal beliefs call the shots about what you really feel about yourself, who you are, and what you are capable of.

The good news is that beliefs can be rewritten through specific internal work: meditations, daily affirmations, journaling, creative visualisations.

Use whatever works for you.

Remember that beliefs drive perceptions, perceptions drive habits, and habits drive actions and ultimately success. You are who you think you are.

If you want to master something, you have to work consistently and with discipline.

This includes

1. consciously setting and following the daily habits you need to reach your goals, and

2. being aware of distractions.

The habits you have right now are specifically geared to help you achieve everything you’ve already achieved. If you want something new, you have to change your habits.

So think about what new habits you can set for yourself in the pursuit of your dream?

You need to be consistent not only in maintaining habits, but also in the conscious decision to achieve the right things and stay away from the unproductive ones. Multitasking is just a modern myth. The truth is that the most successful people are focused.

5. Decide each day to take three small steps toward your dream life.

Consistently taking small actions plants the seeds of achievement into your conscience. You start feeling the progress you’re making, and in time, these feelings grow into a belief and then into an attitude.

Before you know it, you’ll be rapidly moving toward your dream life.


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