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Anthony | January 20, 2021


PepperForClients find and Connect With Your Dream Clients Organically and Start Profitable Conversations With Them On Autopilot (Without Putting Your Personal Facebook Profile At Risk!)

The value of Facebook Messenger CRM tools has become more apparent in recent years, and there are several applications to choose from. So, which option is the best for you and your business?

In this post, we break down the difference between PepperForClients and Chatsilo, two of the best mini Facebook Messenger CRM apps available.

What Is PepperforClients?

PepperForClients is marketed as an executive assistant for your Facebook marketing efforts. “Pepper,” the application’s nickname, uses keywords to send automatic Facebook friend requests within Facebook Groups.

If someone accepts your friend request, you can set up automatic welcome messages in Facebook Messenger and personalize these messages with the contact name.

Within Facebook Messenger, you can utilize CRM features like color-coded tagging to keep track of prospects, leads, and follow up opportunities. Canned responses enable you to automatically reply to conversations within Messenger.

PepperforClients Alternative: ChatSilo

While PepperForClients offers several beneficial features for entrepreneurs marketing on Facebook, it has some competition. Chatsilo is a powerful mini Facebook Messenger CRM application that gives Pepper a run for her money.

Like Pepper, ChatSilo features tools to automatically send friend requests, welcome messages, and canned responses. It also turns your Facebook Messenger into a mini CRM with color-coded tags and lead tracking.

Chatsilo excels when it comes to creating and maintaining sales funnels. Create custom tags to manage your leads, write detailed notes within Messenger, and create unlimited message templates to respond to important conversations. Direct integration with your Google Calendar enables you to set up reminders for follow-ups, so you never miss an opportunity in Facebook Messenger again.

PepperForCLients – Custom Tags and Color

The inbuilt custom tags let you label your leads. You could label them by the product they subscribe to. It all depends on your use case.

With the Chatsilo Chrome extension, all you need is to assign color-coded tags to the labeled users and conversations. You can adequately manage your leads, create beneficial sales funnels to ensure you properly prospect, and document your Facebook leads acquisition and nurturing for retention.

Also, creating custom messages and templates through the Chatsilo platform keeps track of leads from your chat.

There are a lot of settings with PepperForChat

For Example, the Daily Request Limit It’s based on testing to not fire the internal Facebook algorithm so you are not getting banned and being sent to Facebook Jail. It’s safe to use and uses random intervals to look human so don’t worry you will not get banned from Facebook.

There is a limit of 20 messages day.

Categorize prospects with logical names. For example, logical name or Booked Call So it is to distinguish between cold and hot leads on Facebook.

So perfect to indicate the relationship with the lead.

Categories for prospect outreach 

Take entrepreneurs into Messenger and follow up with prospects in a 1 to 1 conversation on Facebook.

Give them a link to a sales page. Meaning bringing them from unknown Facebook friends to a new client. Plan a session with them and ultimately make them an outstanding customer.

Due to tags, we can utilize predefined messages to send lines without a hassle. You can add emoticons.

Moreover, you can customize all those labels: you also can give them beautiful colors.

Very powerful you can investigate sales.

Facebook has a limit of five thousand friends. With Pepper4FB you can Remove Facebook friends all at once You have several pricing plans: pepper4fb ∞ and pepper4fb + , pepper4fb basis.

You can also get access to Affiliate through the portal.

The chat support is amazing as there is a lot of training videos.

Moreover, you can add extra notes to Pepper4FB Also add push notifications.

Pricing of PepperForClients?

PepperForClients is for business coaches to do their Lead Gen It eases your “organic” sale efforts directed to that want to sell their service.

The goal is do ease Lead Generation Efforts.

This is accomplished by starting chats with managers!

In fact it is a Browser Extension to allow your business to get Valuable prospects.

Pepperforclients comes with a 5-Step Process for outreach extra prospects A key characteristic is that it allows you to take prospects from FB Groups into chats into FB messenger to finally land good contacts via a personal call to offer your services or products.

This software works on autopilot as your personal online assistant.

Outreach with pepperforclients quite a simple way of working.



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