Is your website out of control?

You’ve made changes to your website however it’s not quite right and before you know it one change has caused you to do another change and before you know it your website is out of control.

You’ve tried to update your website using every hack from 100s of Google searches where the experts suggest a solution to your problem only to realise you’ve failed.

It’s not your fault.

Having a small business website that desperately needs updating or changes required is a problem for millions of small business owners. It’s proven that 83% of small business owners would like their website updated or want changes made to their website.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution

The SelfManagedBusiness “Hire a Web Developer 2 hour or 5 hour Package” gives you access to our team of WordPress website developers who can help you with your website updates and desired changes.

The “Hire a Developer” package is proven, after helping 100s of other small business owners, to solve your frustration when updating or changing the layout of your WordPress website.

In fact, if you order a “Hire a Developer” package today and complete your requirements sheet for the update or change needed we could have your site fixed within 2 to 5 hours

Imagine what it would be like to feel confident that an update or change to your website is completed by a team of highly trained developers and not just one developer who can get you close to what you expected.

For the past 12 months, Self Managed Business has delivered “Hire a Web Developer” services. Over 350 small business owners have successfully had their WordPress website updated or changed to meet their requirements.

The “Hire a Web Developer” package will:

Give you access to a team of highly trained WordPress website developers that are able to quickly trouble shoot your website problems or make changes based on you requirements.
Give you a high level of confidence that the web development team will learn and understand your business so that if you request any future updates or changes the team can quickly understand what’s required.
Deliver specific coding and troubleshooting such as Thrivecart Shopping cart setup which means your site is always operating at its best.

Here’s the step by step process after you have placed your order for a Custom Designed responsive theme


1. Upon purchase, your project manager will be assigned an provide you access to an online form where your final task list is created

2. You will provide us the requirements such as website access, PSDs, images, fonts and content via DropBox or Google Drive then send the link to us

3. Our team reviews the project requirements and design, then asks you questions via the ticket created for the project. If there are none, the team will proceed to Development.


1. We create a backup of your live website and create a development site on our test server

2. We'll work on your task list and continue to give you updates in your ticket until completion

Development Sign-off

1. Team submits finished tasks to you for your review and approval

2. If all work is completed we then proceed signing it off for launch


1. We copy over the new files to your live server and do series of tests and QA

2. We inform you that project is complete and for you to check the changes on your live site

3. We update you total hours spent and inform you if there are any time left on the pack.

Here's What You Get:

Website Trouble Shooting

If you are having problems with your website, then we can do our best to help solve these problems by troubleshooting for you. This will allow you to concentrate on your customers, their needs and serving them. We deal with simple and complex issues, such as page alignments to technical errors you are unable to resolve.

What's required from you:

  1. An understanding of the problem you are experiencing.
  2. WordPress logins.
  3. Webhost logins.
  4. Description of Error.
  5. Last update made before error.

Speed Up the load time of Your Website

We can help increase the speed of your website. We can improve your website’s loading time, which will enhance your Google page speed score. Google grants to each page of your website a speed score in relation to how quickly or how slowly that page loads. We will be sure to optimize your WordPress website, so that pages will have the capacity to load faster, which will result in the waiting time for your potential customer to be greatly reduced. This also has the added benefit of providing you with an increase in your conversions and may improve your SEO results.

What's required from you:

  1. An understanding of the problem you are experiencing.
  2. WordPress logins.
  3. Your 5 web pages to improve loading speed (most commonly the homepage)
  4. Content Delivery Network logins (if any)

LeadPages Setup

We would be very pleased to set up a LeadPages account for you or make the necessary improvements to your current lead page. We are experts at being able to incorporate your optin/autoresponder that is supplied by such companies as MailChimp, Aweber, Ontraport or Infusionsoft.

What's required from you:

  1. An understanding of the problem you are experiencing.
  2. WordPress logins.
  3. Leadpages logins.
  4. Optin code from your autoresponder.
  5. Website Content.

Website Content Population

Copying and pasting your content is not all that is required in order to place content on your site and to ensure that it displays in a correct manner in relation to the rest of your website. There is a requirement also for the implementation of HTML along with the inclusion of media optimisation to provide you with a page that is visibly appealing, functions well and loads fast. For an hourly rate, we are able to do this for you, which will save you time that you can use to focus on other areas of your business.

What's required from you:

  1. Content Management System Logins.
  2. Content – Text, images, videos, audios, PDF etc.

Website Migration

When the need arises for you to relocate your website, we are equipped with the ability to guide the transfer of your files from server to server, with the careful overseeing of the correct functionality of the site in regards to its new position.

What's required from you:

  1. WordPress logins.
  2. Webhost logins of source and destination.

RSS Feed Submission

We are here to help you hone in on the ability to provide value on your WordPress website through the usage of your RSS feed. We will be glad to manage submitting your feeds to various feed aggregators, which will increase your overall presence on the internet.

What's required from you:

  1. RSS feed url.
  2. List of feed aggregators that you prefer.

ThriveCart Shopping Cart Setup

You do not need to worry about going it alone in relation to the complexities of setting up the ThriveCart shopping cart. We are here to help you in setting up your ThriveCart cart and can also help in other areas of automation for your online business to be as successful as possible.

What's required from you:

  1. WordPress logins.
  2. Webhost logins.
  3. ThriveCart logins.
  4. Description of what you expect to accomplish with ThriveCart (eg: create membership, payment button or setup product).

And you’ll get it all today for just one payment of $399 for 2 hours OR $699 for 5 hours.

That's correct just, $399 for 2 hours OR $699 for 5 hours.

So for the price of employing a contract website developer for a day you can access the entire Self Managed Business web development team and put an end to the frustration of trouble shooting and updating your WordPress website.

But don't delay. The 2 hour and 5 hour Hire a Developer service will only be available at this price until midnight January 31st, 2018.

After that the price will go up.

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We GUARANTEE your satisfaction with the "Hire the team for 2 hours or 5 hours" package or we refund your purchase price

TERMS OF THIS GUARANTEE are that we have received your completed requirements form and you have answered any questions the web development team have about your requirements.

Hire for 2 Hours: $399

Hire for 2 Hours: $399

Hire for 2 Hours: $399

Hire for 5 Hours: $699

Hire for 5 Hours: $699

Hire for 5 Hours: $699