Is your website engaging your ideal customers?

You have a website yet you’re unable to attract your ideal paying customer. You’ve applied every shiny new online marketing tactic in the book and failed.

It’s not your fault.

Having a small business website that’s not attracting your ideal paying customer is a problem for millions of small business owners. It’s proven that attracting an avalanche of paying customers to your website is tough however it doesn’t have to be.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution

A SelfManagedBusiness custom website theme uniquely designed and developed from your ideas which means you’ll have a website that is focussed on attracting your ideal customers and meets your business vision.

A Self Managed Business custom designed website is proven to increase your site load speed, meet the latest standards in Wordpress Development and Design and is compatible with all browsers and devices.

In fact, if you order a custom designed theme today and complete your project brief we could have your site built within 2 to 4 weeks

Imagine what it would be like to attract an avalanche of your ideal paying customers to your new custom website.

For the past 4 years, Self Managed Business has delivered Custom Responsive Website Themes. With a growing portfolio of satisfied small business owners you can be assured that your website meets your business brand.

The Custom Designed Responsive Theme service will deliver you a website that:

Is uniquely designed and developed from your ideas and design preference which means a site that matches your vision and business look and feel.
Is developed using WordPress because it’s open source, highly customisable and user friendly which means we can effortlessly design a sleek award winning responsive site theme
Will be developed to optimize your sites customer conversion rate so that it’s compatible with all browsers and devices and will lead to an increase in customer engagement.

You will need to share your design ideas, wireframes and or PSDs (note: check with your designer if you are unsure what a wireframe or PSD is) with us so that we can accurately provide you a quote as your design may require specialized development to create.

Here's what you get

ONE (that’s 1) Home page &
ONE (that’s 1) Inside page template developed to your requirements

What happens if you need more page templates?

You can additionally order the "Hire a Web Developer" package for 2 hours or 5 hours

Delivery of the site for your review is approximately 4 weeks upon receipt of your requirements form and wireframe or PSD being received

Note: 4 weeks is approximate delivery time only and your custom designed responsive them may take longer depending on any revisions you request.

The final site will be uploaded to your web server or delivered to you as a zipped file (you have the option of delivery)

Here’s the step by step process after you have placed your order for a Custom Designed responsive theme

1. Order

Complete your order details

2. Web development

Your site developed based on your PSD/Wireframe requirements

3. Sign-off

You sign off the development

4. Launch

Your site is setup on your live server

Here's the process:


Upon purchase, you will be asked to complete an online form where information for the standard inclusions of the Custom WordPress Design pack will be asked.
You send materials such as PSDs, images, fonts and content via DropBox and send the link to us.
Team reviews the project brief and design, then asks you questions via the ticket created for the project. If none proceeds to Development.


HTML Scripting

  • Developer converts your design to HTML by slicing the images into small pieces from the design mockup turning your design into a full functioning WordPress website.

WordPress Integration

  • Developer integrates the HTML to WordPress in development server.
  • Then we’ll make sure that the website is responsive (It works on any device screen size).

Content Population

  • We can add content to the website if you have it ready to get started. Typically this be your home page, About Us and a blog post. We can do this for up to 10 pages.


Team submits to you for review and 2 sets of revisions are allowed. Major revisions that changes the structure of the original design are an addendum.


Developer reviews and sets up live server

  • DNS Setup if needed.
  • Backup old files.

New website files migration

  • Move website files from dev. site to live server
  • Final setup and review.

Project Sign-off

  • Team submits to you for review and testing. Changes done during this stage are an addendum.
  • You sign off the development.
  • Project is CLOSED

And you’ll get all of this today for just one payment of $1399.

That's correct just, $1399.

So for the price of your annual website legal review fee you can put an end to the frustration of not having an increase in paying customers throught he web.

But don't delay. This service will only be available at this price until midnight January 31st, 2018.

After that the price will go up.

Generic placeholder image

We GUARANTEE your Custom Designed responsive theme will be built and available for you to use in 4 to 6 weeks or we refund your purchase price

Note: 4 weeks is approximate delivery time only and your custom designed responsive them may take longer depending on any revisions you request.

TERMS OF THIS GUARANTEE are that we have received your completed requirements form and you have answered any questions the web development team have about your requirements.

Click on the "Order" button below

Custom Design: $1399


The SelfManagedBusiness Custom Designed Responsive Theme service is proven, after building many websites for start-up business owners, to deliver you a best practice website that fits your brand in 2 weeks.

But don't delay, the $1399 price will go up on January 31st, 2018, no risk with our 100% money back guarantee.


Yes, you can view website examples here. Let us know which look and feel you like and we can customize the site to suit your requirements.

Yes, we can help you with style and embed your opt-in form on your website. All we need is the logins, however if you need help with the setup of your chosen autresponder account or creating email sequences this can be done using our “Hire the Team by the hour” package.

The purchase of your custom designed website is valid up to 6 months. This will give you time to provide us with your requirements, content and additional information.

A PSD is a Photoshop Document. You can have someone design the payout of your website using Photoshop and save a PSD. Submit this to us and we can build your site to the layout.

A wireframe is similar to a PSD and is a simple illustration showing the layout of your desired website’s content. The site’s main elements can be represented by boxes and you can include descriptions to explain the element’s functionality. Put simply it’s the skeleton plan of your desired website.

  • Draw your desired website layout on a piece of paper and take a clear picture of the drawing
  • You can also create the wireframe in an application such as Snagit.
  • Use online wireframe drawing applications like Gliffy or Frame Box.

Custom Design: $1399

Custom Design: $1399