7 Things That Kill Your Flow

Now in the book they highlight that the universe buries deep jewels within our souls and then stands back and it says, let’s see if they can find it. IIs the business model behind it or supporting it. Now, you won’t get into flow without any of those things that I’ve just described and you won’t find your jewel. So what I want you to do is write down your top 20 goals and then what I want you to do is isolate the top three goals on that list. And what you’re going to do is focus on the top three goals and avoid thinking about the other 20 goals.

The Power of Process

I had a team member explain why she thought specific clients were right for the program and I took her words and used those in a sales letter. So we’re spending an hour

Unnecessary Stress – Don’t Worry

What you need to do is take a step back and be proactive and say to yourself, well, I’m going to take action regardless of what I’m thinking at the moment, and not worry about

What is a Customer Journey Map?

I’m going to walk you through the touch points that a lead would actually go through in your particular customer journey. And I’m also going to talk to you about what are the steps