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Your Past is not your future - Unless You Want it to be!

Anthony | September 16, 2022



Good Day. Anthony Manly here from Today I want to talk to you about dwelling on the past and moving beyond it so that you can focus more on your future. So we all have negative past stories, and since you’re self-fulfilling in your predictions about ourselves, it’s time to stop. Does your past define your future. Do not let your past define you.

Well, put it this way, it’s time to catch yourself replaying the old bad luck stories, the failed relationships, the physical ailments that you’ve got, and the negative times that you’ve had in your past.

Do people dwell on the past. Dwelling on the past.

So when we take the time to rehash the stories, we’re contributing to the inner energy that will determine your future. So enough we’ve been the victim. You need to get over it, is basically what I’m saying. 

Dwelling on these past failures and injustices uses pretty much your mental energy on a level that recreates the same bad experience in your subconscious mind. And it sounds a bit woo, but it is.

This in turn gives you more power to make you feel bad or unworthy. So all energy has effects is what I want you to understand, and what you focus on expands. So focusing on past painful events has profound effects on what you focus on in the future and what it turns out to be.

 So anytime you dwell on your past failures or inadequacies, you only create more fear about your opportunities in the future. And when you do this, you are rehearsing for future failure.

So what your future will look like is dependent on the information and direction you give your brain and your self-talk. It’s a practice, it’s a skill to be able to choose what thoughts come into your mind, rather than be ruled by the thoughts that flow at random, which are influenced by the news, which a lot of people watch.

You must recognize that you have the power to control or to master arena dialogue and make your mind above rather than control you. And realize that the past is a locked door. No matter how hard you try, you cannot go back and change it.

So your point of power is in the present, it’s in the now. It’s what you do with your present time and your energy. So your future is created by the thoughts and energy you use today.

So it’s up to you to give yourself the motivation, the direction, and permission to stop talking about and thinking about what happened in the past.

Focus your mental and physical energy along with your emotional energy, and what you’re going to see is a brighter future.

focus on the future, your past is not your future, dwelling on the past

You’re going to create that future you want.

There are many probable futures that you’ve got, but the power to create one is the one that you want is where you’re putting your energy right now.

So only you can write your life prescription. Your destiny in your future is not preordained, right? It’s not set in stone.

Nor are you destined to do anything other than the path you choose to take. So be smart and take the time to program information, knowledge, and skills into your daily repertoire so that you are not a victim of life.

Focus on the future.

Your thoughts create your reality, and your future is up to you. Your past is not your future.


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