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The Key Reasons People Fail in Life and Business

Anthony | February 4, 2021


Face it you’re too distracted

Clubhouse, Clubhouse, Instagram feed, Facebook News Feed, Clubhouse, check email, oh look a funny picture, like, comment on friends Facebook post……and repeat.  Sound familiar!

Anyone who has accomplished anything worthwhile has never done it without discipline. Discipline takes self-control, sacrifice and avoiding distractions and temptations. It means staying focused.

Simple solutions to complex problems

The number of times I’ve seen simple solutions to complex problems and the failure that follows is numerous.  Just because you have a simple solution to a small piece of a bigger problem doesn’t mean you have solved the problem.

This is a big reason so many people fail because people tend to attempt to build a business around a simple problem and it almost always collapses like a house of cards


If you blame other people for your own mistakes and problems, you are destined to fail. Every one of us is confronted with problems that derail us from our mission. It’s only when we stop using these problems and challenges as excuses that we will make progress in life.

Successful individuals don’t allow excuses to stand between themselves and their goals. They understand that making excuses will lead them nowhere.

Random acts versus organized approach

You will always have a better chance to succeed if you have a plan. By creating a simple plan, you will increase your rate of success.

When you make your plan, make it specific.

For example;

Instead of saying “I’m going to the gym tomorrow” change it to

“I’m taking the car to the Fitness First at 9 AM tomorrow to complete a 45-minute chest workout, starting with incline bench presses.”

Having a complete vision of your intentions prepares you to execute them and you’ll be more likely to achieve your desired result.

Specific intentions work better because vague intentions are open to interpretation. What does “exercise” mean? Is walking around the house one time good enough? etc

Self-imposed limitations

Poor self-esteem is a lack of self-respect and self-worth. People with low self-confidence are constantly trying to find themselves rather than creating the person they want to be.

Don’t label yourself. You might have failed, but you’re not a failure until you stop trying.

Lack of Discipline

Discipline takes self-control, sacrifice, and avoiding distractions and temptations. It means staying focused.

Succeeding at one goal won’t eliminate all your problems. Be clear on what will satisfy your objectives and don’t obsess about superficial details.

You’re scared

Deer are famous for freezing right before a car hits them. Like that situation, freezing in place isn’t a smart strategy in life.

Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it takes10,000 hours to master something and fear makes us do nothing, then fear needs to go. Face your fears head-on and you’ll find success right behind them. Overcoming fear is success in itself, and it opens the door for more

Poor choices of influence

How many people do you know have made poor choices because they listened to someone who had influenced them?  It may even have been you.  Be careful who you listen to and be careful who you don’t listen to.


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