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How To Use The Mastery Of Words To Close More Sales

Anthony | October 20, 2022



Good day. Anthony Manly here from Today I want to talk to you about how to use the mastery of words so that you can close more sales.

Now, it’s important to have some form of sales script so that you can create sales opportunities. Obviously. Right?

However, beyond sales scripts, you’ve got the psychology and persuasion when it comes to sales. And there are language patterns that you can learn to do things such as help people keep their commitments, build rapport, overcome objections and close more sales.

Now, here’s what you need to know though, before you’re approaching any type of customer or prospect, especially when you’re looking at prospects, and converting them into customers, what you should do is start to understand who your customer is before you even approach them.

So what do you mean by understanding who they are?

You want to profile your customer so that you can understand what their personality is, so the style of their personality. And this will help you to understand how best to approach them.

Once you understand that, then you’ve got a clear understanding of knowing the context that they’re currently in or where they’re coming from.

So the more research you do, the better you’ll be engaging with them.

So now what you want to understand is that this information is going to allow you to match what your offers are to their wants, their needs, and their ultimate aspirations or desires.

So I’m going to go through a few examples right here, right now.

  1. How do I become objections?

And the first one of those is like, how do I become objections?

So when you’re confronted with someone who has made an agreement with you and then tries to back out of it after, say, signing a contract, for example, whether that be verbally or they’ve physically signed it, what you need to do is you need to future pace against the things that may keep someone from keeping an appointment.

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Now, future pacing is a technique with the client and what you’re doing is you’re asking them to imagine themselves or themselves in the future in a given desired situation so that you can rehash and give them a future pacing understanding of why they signed that in the first place.

  1. Overcoming objections. 

Another example of what you might do is overcoming objections where your price is too high.

So you need to ask questions to find out if the prospect or the client is sold on your product or services, right?

So prospects must understand the value of what you’re offering first, because if they don’t believe in what you’re offering, excuse me you could try to overcome all the objections in the world with fancy language, every trick available, and of course, there are several different tricks out there, but it’s never going to matter right when you’re doing that.

But when you’re dealing with the objection of I don’t have the time, that’s when you need to discuss the invisible costs and show how to wipe these out to the customer.

You got to demonstrate this to them. Overcoming sales objections.

So, invisible costs are things such as gambling with your time, the odds that you will fail, and how you will feel when you don’t succeed.

These are the types of invisible costs that people don’t think about.

Now, some powerful words to use, right?

“BECAUSE AND WHY”  – The two powerful words to use when dealing with these types of objections, right, and understanding them.

And they only have one objection. What you need to do is try to isolate the objection to uncover the real objection.

Just because they’ve said something about your price being too high doesn’t mean that that’s the real objection.

Now, the way you know what you’re dealing with is you’ve got to ask these specific questions, right? 

So you’re not answering the wrong objection, right?

So the two most powerful words you can use to get to the objection behind the objection they have given you are the words “Because and Why”.

So, for example, if someone said, I don’t want to sell my house right now, you could reply with because.

And this gets to the real objection, right?

So they’ve said, I don’t want to help somebody else right now. And you’re like because. However, these two words do not ever use interchangeably, right?

So you must use them in the right way.

Use the word because when a prospect doesn’t want to buy so you know what their real objection is so you can speak to that specific objection.

Now, using the word Why when a prospect is leaning towards saying yes to a purchase, will help you to build further into their beliefs.

They will even make up reasons to justify their purchase, right?

So how to be a closing machine with sales is essentially just understanding what their objections are and how you can overcome those. But a close doesn’t have to be a hard close where you’re saying, let’s sign a contract, and let’s just get into it.

How to close a deal with a client.

Now, what you need to be saying is things like where do we begin?

There are some simple language patterns that you can use to close sales, such as “Let’s do it!”.

Can you see how it’s a lot simpler?

Or “Are you ready to make a change?”

Or “How do we do this?”

So you can see how we’re collaboratively working together.

Now, here’s the magic close.

Is there anything else you need to know to go ahead?

As I said, that’s magic close, meaning that you’re asking them a specific question. 

Another effective clause is, “I think we’re a good match”.

“Do you want to do this?”

“I want to do this.”

So let’s go ahead. Let’s do it.

Using the same words twice in a row or the same kind of phrases in a row is a good approach to use when you feel the prospect is wavering. And sometimes prospects will give you a different guess answer the second time you ask the same question.

Close more sales.

So there are some examples of how to use language patterns to not only become a better salesperson but also to close sales more effectively.


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