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How to Stop being a 'Generalist' to Focus on Becoming the 'Specialist'

Anthony | February 11, 2021


Being new to coaching there is always this ‘want’ that in order to make sales fast that you need to be available to everybody.

This want for fast sales and being available to everyone has been popularised by Gary Vaynerchuck who has a team follow him around all day every day (no holds barred in his life) which provides him the platform to promote his business.

You will see regular updates from Gary throughout the day and he if you have ever experienced his content you would have heard of the ‘hustle’.

I can tell you from experience, doing the hustle to get fast sales ALWAYS ENDS in disaster.

When you want to make it as big as possible and as fast as possible you become fearful of limiting the audience you are looking for prospects in.

The problem with having this fear is that you attempt to be the ‘jack of all trades’ to everyone and end up mastering none.

This is definitely not the path to pursue when you want to become a world-class coach.

Your ideal prospects deserve and want an expert who delivers awesome RESULTS so to do this you need to focus your efforts on a niche that you can serve and serve well.

Let’s put this into context by using the analogy of a Lawyer.

You would never call a Family Lawyer to help you settle the sale of your new home, would you?

Although I might add you always see a Lawyers office plastered with their advertising which says Brown and Brown – we are the experts in everything” which, to my way of thinking is a good sign to steer clear and find an expert who can help you with your specific needs.

The same principles apply to a coaching business.

Your prospects want to fast track their results and want you to be a specialist.  They want an expert and you to be that expert.  They want you to give them that exact pill that solves their burning problem to finally deliver the exact result they’ve been searching for.

So how do you prove to your prospects that you’re the expert to deliver them a result?

You need to focus on delivering the specific result that solves their wildest fears and biggest frustrations to a specific niche (aka target audience)

One way to choose a niche that will allow you to become the expert is to pursue something you’re passionate about.

Most coaches fall under one of three broad categories: health, wealth, and relationships.

However, you need to realize that it’s simply not enough to become just a health, wealth, or relationship coach.

To become an expert and attract people willing to pay top dollars for the services you need to be very specific and granular about what it is that you can do for these people.

If you’re in the health niche, for example, think about what it is exactly that you can do to help people get their desired end result.  How is your coaching work going to, specifically, improve their lives?

Similarly in the wealth niche, there are people just like me who help others build a business in a specific niche.  However, there are also coaches who work with Real Estate Investors, Share traders, Financial Planners, etc.

The point is it’s not enough to simply become a wealth coach because people want specific solutions to their specific problems.

When you niche down and provide to your ideal prospects that you can deliver what they’re looking for, they will gladly pay you top dollar.

So, here’s an activity you can do.

Draw 2 circles on a piece of paper with a pen, one overlapping the other (similar to a Venn diagram however only two circles.  In one circle write the word “Who” and the other circle “What”.

Now think about the “Who” as a broad, meaning who do you help?  For example, I help coaches and entrepreneurs.  This is the broad term, if you were to ask anyone who do they help they will gladly tell you.

Now, the “What”, is where you get specific.  What do you help your “who” with, for example, I help coaches and entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses so that they can live the lifestyle they desire.

You should now have a clearer picture on who you serve and what specific result you can deliver to them.


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