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How to Prioritise Your Sex Life

Anthony | March 4, 2021


Do you remember laughing at the idea that your sex life may become a routine?

You more than likely promised yourself that it wouldn’t happen in your relationship.  However, this happens all the time, even in passionate relationships.

The death of intimacy usually doesn’t happen because people like their partners are less, or because they are less attracted to them. Normally a lack of sex has to do with time.

You need to shower, work, work some more, eat, spend time commuting, pay your bills, play with the kids, catch up with your family, do the homework with the children, and more on any given day.

Thinking about sex may entice you to stare blankly at the television, instead of heading to the bedroom.  Sex plays a vital role in your physical well-being. Even more exciting may be the way sex makes you look.

Studies conducted by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital say women who have sex at least four times a week look up to 10 years younger than they actually are.

It plays an even more critical role in a relationship as it can hold you and your better half together through rough patches in the same way verbal communication can.

When it comes down to it, careers and deadlines come and go, but (hopefully) your partner will be there long after you retire and the children have grown. To overcome a lack of sex in your relationship, you need to make a strong relationship one of your main goals.

So how do you prioritize your sex life, without making it seem dirty or even more of a routine than it already is?


If you have your days planned from the moment you wake up until you finally collapse into bed, then schedule some personal time for yourself and your partner.

You don’t need to spell out what it’s for if you don’t want anyone else to see what you’ve written; just make sure there is time together. Then make it the unmovable part of your day.

To-do list

If you’ve done your goal setting you simply attack the next item on your to-do list, then you need to add time for sex to your list.

Call it whatever you want, simply add it to the list.


Once you’ve added sex to your to-do list and prioritized your relationship in general be cautious of the same time, same position routine.

Even if you aren’t feeling adventurous, there is always room for spontaneity (even when it’s planned).


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