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How to Hire Slow and Fire Fast with the 3 T's

Anthony | February 20, 2021


The main functions of human resource management that you’ll have to consider the hiring, training, and firing.

Tips that can save you time and energy

It is important to set up a hiring checklist. When you want to bring in a role, you should know what tasks that person would be doing and it’s probably a better idea to hire someone a little bit higher than what you need.  So that person can cover the job you need and a little bit extra.

You should hire more senior people and then have them fill the team under them, that way, the people coming into their team under them are people that they had a hand in selecting. They become interested in the new hire’s success.

You should also, have a dedicated resource team that has the role of focussing on getting people for the required task and putting them through a process in a logical way.

When the team receives a new hire they have an induction process. There are a few must-haves and some desirables however these are listed out in advance. For someone to work in the business, they must have a computer, an internet connection and must speak English.

If you’re prepared to train people then you can skill them up and you’ll get a much better employee.

They are less likely to leave you and who will love working for you because it’s not money that’s the primary driver for employment.
For most employees, it’s appreciation, it’s a sense of belonging, contributing, and being part of something bigger than just them and it’s also the security and the comfort. So money is important but not the most important thing.

As a general rule, be slow to hire and fast to fire

Three T’s–Train, Transfer, Terminate

A great management technique is the three T’s that deals with problem areas.


This is the fun one. To train a new employee to be a shining star is very rewarding.

The best way to have someone learn is to have a buddy system. When people join the company, pair them up with someone who’s already doing the job well and have them cross-trained because it helps both employees get a better grasp on their work.


If someone is not working out in one area, this does not necessarily mean that they’re not a good fit.

Look to transfer someone from one area of the business to another so they’re better aligned with their skill set, talents, and interest level. Always be on the lookout for opportunities within your business and encourage transfer where it makes sense.


It’s never pleasant but sometimes, you just have the wrong person and it’s not about you or your business. When somebody is continually putting in poor performance, it’s about what they do.  Usually, it’s their behaviors.

Keep in mind that if you struggle with termination, it’s not personal, it’s simply what they’re doing that’s not consistent or suitable with the activities that you need to have done within your business. You should free them up and let them go.

It’s a good idea to have a leaving checklist and make sure that you deactivate access for employees that are leaving.

When we have employees, we set them up with an email address within our business and set them up with a Basecamp and Google docs spreadsheet which doesn’t enable sharing outside the company.

If someone leaves, we can deactivate their access and point any email address back to the team’s manager.

What’s your number one tip for managing new or existing employees – leave a comment below


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