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How to Help Your Perfect Ideal Customer Escape their Problem and Arrive at Your Promise

Anthony | January 11, 2021


Creating quality content based on conversion triggering messages tailored to your perfect ideal customer requires a framework.

“Customer problems” + “a short message” does not equal success.

Here are example use-cases:

  • Short copy – PPC ad copy (Adwords) and paid placement in newsletters
  • Medium copy – blocks of copy on your web and landing pages
  • Long form – entire articles, guides, presentations

It’s very difficult to create this content without a messaging framework.

Here’s a different approach to creating your perfect ideal customer personas.

Start with a one, that’s one, ideal customer persona that you want to reach. People don’t sit around reading a blog post together – just one person does. The best approach is to tap into what motivates the person that you want to reach that’s consuming your content, and you can build messaging that converts and helps them along their journey as a buyer fo your product or services

How to design your copy to convert prospects to paying customers and not just create informational content. 

Start with a brief persona profile.  

  • Brief description of your persona
    • Come up with a name for your persona
    • Gender (male/female/other)
    • Age
    • Describe their appearance
    • What does this person do for a living
    • Are they Married?
    • Do they have Kids?
    • What are their biggest desires?
  • What is their role and title – lookup someone similar on LinkedIn.
  • Affinity Groups – Where does this person hang out? Online? Offline? Are there trade associations they’d belong to or other professional groups?

This is a list to get you started.

How to craft a message that converts

This is the start of your messaging, and it’s helpful to remember we’re building this for an individual. Someone is going to be reading your blog posts, checking out your ads, or web copy.

The more you can speak to what they care about right now, the more effective your conversion will be on what you offer and your call to action.

Creating urgency is about tapping into their current frustrations and wants, and their fears and aspirations.

State their frustrations (typically three) and (one core) fear as good, if not better than they can, and you capture their attention.  If you remind them of the widening gap between their frustrations and their wants (typically the wants are the opposite of their frustrations) you have a conversion.

More than the problems your persona is facing, how can you build your foundation upon what frustrations, wants, fears, and aspirations they have on a day-to-day basis. That’s what they really care about and will motivate them.

  • Frustrations: Brainstorm frustrations, but try to reduce this down to the top 3 (or less) frustrations that your persona experiences that you can address. This is not frustrations like, sales revenue is not increasing, it’s personal frustrations like, I’m spending too much time looking searching for keywords.
  • Wants: Capture the list of what your persona wants as an alternative to each frustration. These are tactical items, so if a frustration is “I’m spending too much time looking searching for keywords”, then the want is something like “I want a super-fast method to build a keyword list”.
  • Fears: Brainstorm the top fears that your persona has and narrow this list down to the one core fear. Fears are different than frustrations because these are less tactical and more a view of a negative future. They might be frustrated about not finding a keyword, but they’re afraid that the marketing team won’t be targeting the right keywords.
  • Aspirations: Brainstorm the top aspirations your persona has and narrow this list down to the one core aspiration, aspirations (map to each individual fear to paint the picture of the alternative, positive future). What motivates this persona (eg recognition). If they fear that the marketing team won’t be targeting the right keywords, maybe they want to be recognized as providing the keyword list that makes the marketing campaign successful.

I’ll create a sheet to go with this post so that you can download it.

Part 2: How to Create a Messaging Model with Your Persona


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