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How to get High Ticket Coaching Clients

Anthony | March 23, 2021


If you’re coaching one on one or charging under $1000 per month, then read on.

Put simply, “high ticket” means high price point.  But the person who’s purchasing the high ticket investment 100% must receive 10 times the value in exchange for their money.

Your offer needs to take your clients from point A (where they are now) to pont Z (where they want to be), and it has to actually work.

You should aim to make $3,000-$5,000 per client, so that you don’t need many clients.  Plus, your client has skin in the game so they put in the work and therefore get the result they want.

Which leads to good testimonials, so that it’s even easier for you to get more clients.

Creating Your High Ticket Offer

If you’ve been charging a low price for your services for a while, you may be wondering “how do I change?” And the thing is, it won’t happen overnight.

You simply can’t just add a “0” or two to the end of your existing clients’ invoices, and hope they’ll upgrade.

There are three key steps:

1. Your High Ticket Offer Idea

The first stage is coming up with an idea for your high ticket offer.

Start with the end in mind.   So, ask yourself – What is the desired outcome my clients want?

The key is to link it to one (or more) of the 3 “hot topics” which sell:

Health, Wealth, Relationships

For example:

  • Losing 10 kilos.
  • Making $5,000 extra per month.
  • Finding a life-partner.

If you’re concerned that your clients may not actually get the outcome they desire, don’t worry.

Once you’ve figured out the outcome, create a 6 week, 8 week, or year long program. Then reverse engineer what is required for your clients to get there.

This will then become your high ticket transformative offer.

You also need to come up with ideas for action plans to make sure your clients are implementing what they learn.

Once you’ve done that, you have all you need.

2. Your case Studies

To understand if your offer idea is something that will sell, you need to start conversations with people who want the outcome you’re offering, and get them on the phone.

If it’s a good fit, let them know about the new program you’ve been working on and invite them to join as a case study for a reduced price under certain terms.

What you’re going to do is deliver the content of your course to them each week.  And, at the end of each week, send your case studies a feedback form so that you can see what they like, what they don’t like, and how you can improve.

You’ll also collect their progress each week, so if they’re not moving towards the ‘outcome’ goal fast enough, then you know that you can pivot to make your program better.

This allows you to work with a group of case study participants before going fully for it, to make sure you have the confidence to charge the high price, and to make sure it’s fair on the clients who give you a lot of money.

3. How Much To Charge

Pricing is a based on the value you deliver.

Let’s go back to the “you” who was once struggling.  Who was lost and confused and who knew nothing about the industry you’re now in.

If you were to gain all the information you now have.  How much would you pay?

How much money would you have saved?

First, there are those who click off this article and continue on their quest to find the magic bullet for online business success.

This is simialr to those clients you find yourself speaking to who make all the excuses, and who you know are never going to get anywhere.

And then there are the driven Entrepreneurs… The coaches who are in this to change lives and build the business of their dreams… They’re the ones who will achieve all they’ve ever wanted.


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