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How To Get Greater Autonomy And Freedom Faster

Anthony | October 19, 2022



Good day, It’s Anthony here from Today I want to talk to you about building greater wealth, getting that autonomy that you want, and getting to that point of freedom a lot faster.

Now, this sounds like an unusual topic to be talking about, but what you need to understand is that without focusing on your productivity or your wealth, there is no way that you’re ever going to get to your ideal lifestyle.

What does greater autonomy mean?

Why is self-management important?

What do we mean by self-management?

Now, most of what I call civilians will look at their lives and they’ll work a nine-to-five job and they’ll work from paycheck to paycheck.

  1. The first thing you gotta do is understand that if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner you have separated yourself from that nine-to-five grind.

Now, business is more than a nine-to-five grind, but I just wanted to point that out to you.

So let’s understand what philosophy is all about. Why would you want to adopt a philosophy that is going to help you build greater wealth and give you more autonomy so that you can have the more freedom that you want?

What you need to understand is that when you were growing up, your ideas and understanding of the world around you were ingrained in you through your environment and society.

These effects were causing you issues about money, wealth creation, about how to start a business. They were holding you back.

So you were given what’s called a set of skills, life skills that were meant to support you throughout your whole life. What you need to do is understand that.

Take a step back and say to yourself, well, what do I need now to get myself to where I want to be? Because in some instances, those old ways of doing things that you were molded into are not necessarily the right way of doing things. And there are some better models, better strategies, and better tactics that you can use to increase your knowledge and also increase your productivity.

So what also holds people back from success is they don’t believe that they can do something, Right?

So if I don’t believe they can do it, first of all, you’ve stopped yourself, right?

Now, if you sit back and think about it if it’s a belief thing, then you need to understand what are your beliefs around a specific topic.

So whether it’s money, I have a friend who does not like big businesses or people making a lot of money.

He thinks that that’s silly.

Now that’s his model of the world, right?

If I was to sit with him and put him in front of somebody who could help him with that, he may change his mindset. However, it’s completely up to him to do that.

  1. The second thing is most people, will feel some kind of pressure from society.

Right now here in Australia, I just explained to you that we have what’s called tall Poppy Syndrome.

Now, the tall poppy syndrome is when someone starts to get ahead of you, everyone rallies around and pulls them back down again, not where you want to be because you’re attempting to escape from somebody and they just going to pull you straight back in again.

self management, faster freedom, greater autonomy

In America, what I have seen, and this is a personal experience, is somebody will do something quite successful and most people around them will say, hey, how did you do that?

How did you get to where you wanted to be? And they’re quite happy to share. There’s none of this pull-you-down type of scenario.

Now, this has been ingrained in Australian culture for quite some time. Moving on from that.

There are probably two key factors that you need to understand to move to the next level.

  • Number one, you need to have self-management.

So what’s self-management?

Well, self-management is setting yourself really strong boundaries around where you’re currently at, specifically around your time and specifically around your habits.

That is self-management. Once you take control of that, you’ll be surprised at what happens around you.

  • The second thing is that you need some form of the group around you that’s going to support you in your endeavors to build these types of boundaries and understand more about productivity, wealth management, and delivery of a product.

For example, how to market your services, and how to sell a completely different world to what normal people are used to. Right now, what I will say is this to make better decisions, you need to have a different mindset.

Now, we all have what I like to term what’s called head trash, meaning that we have self-talk that will talk us out of doing something.

So how do we deal effectively with that? Head trash is the best thing that you can do, and I’m just going to give you a quick exercise, and this is how I look at things.

I sit down and I say to myself, right, where do I want to be? Where am I currently?

Now, when I say where I’m at currently, you need to sit down and focus on it could be that you’ve got all of these issues around money.

Write out exactly what your beliefs are around money.

So what did your parents tell you about money growing up? Money doesn’t grow on trees. We can’t afford this, we can’t do this, we can’t do this, because it was all about money.

Now, if you look at the flip side of that and you say to yourself, well, hang on a minute, money does grow on trees because it is made of paper.

Well, here in Australia it’s made of plastic. But there is also the opposite side to that.

Self-management techniques.

So you need to start looking at your belief system and your understanding. Once you’ve got that type of scenario occurring, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your thinking changes because your mind will start to understand unconsciously. Hang on a minute.

There are alternate ways to make money.

There are alternate ways to run a business.

There’s a whole variety of different things.

So I hope you found this helpful because all I wanted to get across to you was that you need self management of yourself, your time, and your boundaries.

Hope you enjoyed this video.


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