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How to Create a High Converting Lead Magnet

Anthony | February 3, 2021


What does it take to attract qualified leads?  Let’s understand the framework and the tools so that you can build what is known as a lead magnet.

What Is a Lead Magnet

If you’ve not heard of the term “lead magnet” that’s cool, read on.  A lead magnet is a marketing tool that generates leads by offering a specific solution to a specific problem in exchange for a prospect’s contact information.

Lead magnets can take the form of PDFs, Swipe files, checklists, process maps, templates, and similar downloadable assets.

If you don’t get this right, you’ll likely end up with a bunch of lookers, and you’re left in a situation where there’s no first date with your audience.

But if you get it right, qualified people will be attracted to your content and maybe your solution, they may even share it and you end up with courtship which is a trusting and loyal relationship.

The 3 keys that you need to understand are:

  1. A prospect is looking to solve a specific problem
  2. Once they solve the specific problem
  3. A bigger solution is highlighted which can be your product or service

Here are some examples of Lead Magnets that solve specific problems

SWIPE FILE – Digital Marketer

swipe file is a compilation of templates and different resources that you might want to swipe and refer back to it later. Landing page copy, emails, blog posts, sales letters, ANYTHING.

Digital Marketer is a digital marketing membership website that offers a variety of info products and a private login area for paying members.

If you’re a prospect and you’re found yourself searching in Google for a swipe file, you’re likely going to land on a simple landing page where the swipe file resource is advertised. You enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, answer some Yes/No questions and then click on the orange call-to-action button, you will then be taken to a thank you page where an explanation is given as to when your Lead Magnet will arrive in your inbox.

After you opt-in, you’re then redirected to an upsell page, and the link to download the file is sent via email.

This type of lead magnet works because it gives you an example of how to do something, Having 72 proven headlines to draw from when creating social media posts is really a no-brainer.

CHECKLIST – The Printmaker System

The Printmaker System is a SaaS company focused on helping photographers tired of the shoot-and-burn approach to switch to In-Person Sales.

They offer a sales checklist for photographers who want to go from making hundreds of dollars in average sales to making thousands with just a few clients.

Offering a PDF adds an incentive for your site’s visitors to give away their contact information.

CHECKLIST – Bluewire Media

Bluewire Media specializes in helping consultants and professional advisors to grow their pipeline of qualified leads and convert them into clients.

An example of one of the lead magnets that they offer is a checklist on how to create a lead magnet.

CHEAT SHEET – Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is a business consultant and marketing expert. She teaches business owners and entrepreneurs the steps to take for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell effortlessly.

Cheat sheets are great lead magnets because they’re short, easy to create, and don’t require you to be an expert at something.

On this website, the cheat sheet offer is prominently advertised on the homepage.

After clicking the yellow call-to-action button, you’re immediately shown a pop-up opt-in to add your name and email address. After you opt-in, you’re redirected to a thank you page, and the link for downloading the cheat sheet is sent via email.

Understand what people want to learn

If you create a lead magnet on a topic your target audience deeply wants to learn about, you’ll have a much higher chance of converting them.

To do that, you simply need to reach out to them and ask them things like:

  • What are your biggest challenges/pain points right now?
  • What are your current goals? What do you want to achieve?
  • What is it you’d like to learn?

You can also use analytic tools to dig deeper.

Here is a list of tools and techniques you can use to get your answers:


Surveys allow you to easily summarize and analyze answers from your audience.

After completing the ASK method with Ryan Levesque you shouldn’t offer any kind of monetary incentive for filling out the survey as teh results will be some what bias.

To create your surveys, you can simply use SurveyMonkey.


Allows you to dig deeper into answers from your audience and identify the secret reasons behind each answer. It’s harder to get people on a call, but it’s totally worth it.

Sales and Support calls

similar to interviews; the main difference is that the customer was the one who contacted you because they had a problem or question.

Leverage these opportunities to gather data, and use it to improve your content marketing and offer better lead magnets.

To do that, simply:

Analytic tools

With tools like Google Analytics, you can figure out what content on your site is most frequently browsed.

Keyword research

detailed keyword research is essential to understand what people want to find and learn.

Know your unique value proposition

Every market is saturated. So what do you do to stand out? The answer is a simple: you have to be different.

It’s a tough thing to do. But if you don’t know why a prospect should choose you over the hundreds or thousands of competitors out there, then how can you expect them to do the same.

So you’ve got to dig deep. Analyze your competition.

Identify a unique value proposition and create a lead magnet that speaks to that uniqueness. Make it something your prospect isn’t going to find anywhere else.

Final Note

When creating your lead magnet, don’t focus on what you think people need, create what they want.

If you don’t know what that is, then ask them! refer to some of the methods highlighted in this article.

Make sure what you’re creating doesn’t look like all of the other freebies out there.

Take some time to discover your unique value and convey that through the content in the lead magnet.

Just remember most people are looking for a quick win so be sure that your lead magnet helps the lead take action and convey that clearly when you share your lead magnet.


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