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How to Choose a Niche You Love and Can Serve

Anthony | January 9, 2021


When you market your services to every type of customer you are doing yourself a disservice

Many business coaches believe they are limiting their audience when they focus on a one type of customer in one niche.  They’re terrified that if they limit their audience then their business will fail.

The problem with this approach is you become the jack-of-all-trades and not the expert.  And this is not the way to become the best sort after business coach.

In order to deliver the results that your clients will praise you for and happily write a testimonial that describes the impact your services had on their them you must focus on a single niche.

For example

You would not go to a general practitioner at your local medical center to perform an operation on your knee, would you?

The same principle applies to a coaching business.  Your prospects want results and they want results fast.  They want you to be a specialist, the expert, their expert.

They want you to provide them with the exact process, tactic, or strategy to solve their problem.

You must demonstrate to your prospects that you can deliver the results they are seeking.  This is where you need to focus on being specific about your domain of expertise.

A starting point is to choose a niche that will allow you to become the expert and ensuring you’re passionate about serving the people to solve their single biggest problem.

I’ve discovered that most business coaches focus on one of the big three categories: health, wealth, and relationships.  However, it’s simply not going to allow you to stand out in the crowded market place to become just a health, wealth or relationship coach.

To become the expert in your category and attract prospects that are willing to pay you top dollar for your business coaching services you must become very detailed and granular about the specific problem that your product or service solves for them.

If you’re in the health niche, for example, think about what it is exactly that you can help people with.  How are your products or services going to improve their lives specifically?

Similarly, in the wealth niche, there are people like me who help people start, grow, and scale businesses in a specific niche.  And there are also coaches who work with real estate, social media, or digital marketing.

You must focus on delivering specific solutions to specific problems and when you niche down and prove to them that you can deliver what they’re looking for, they’ll happily pay you for it.

Choosing a niche

Many people find choosing a niche the hardest thing to do when setting up their coaching business,

While you need a niche, the reality is the first niche you choose is not necessarily going to be your niche forever.

I’ve been through multiple iterations of niches in my career.

And as I get more experienced, my niche evolves with me.

The same will happen to you.

You’ll be revisiting your niche many times

When you’re starting choosing your niche should not be that hard because if you make a mistake and decide you don’t like it, you can always change it.  My simple advice is, choose something you’re passionate and knowledgable about and build on that.

You can start by listing down on a piece of paper the top three niches that you may be considering and then think about the people that you want to help in those niches.


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