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How Facebook Groups Can Help You Increase Your Organic Reach

Anthony | January 21, 2021


Many years ago every little niche had forums on the web. Some of them had tens of thousands of active users talking about anything you can think of from how to date women to training your dog.

All you had to do was perform a search in Google, and you could find a forum to join and start building relationships with the people on the forum.

Today, we have Facebook groups that have replaced the niche forums. This is great if you’re a user because you can participate in several groups at the same time and there’s no need to leave your Facebook newsfeed.

Over the last couple of years, more people and brands are moving away, from Facebook Pages and create Facebook Groups. One of the main reasons why Facebook Groups are popular is because you can build a relationship with your target audience.

Facebook Groups are promoted by Facebook

Facebook has been promoting Groups. They clearly see this as a way to stand out and create stickiness with users.

Plus, posts from groups are showing up in the news feed much more often than ever before. These aren’t just posts from friends, but from people in the mutual group that the user is not otherwise connected with.

Those posts will remind users to hop into your Facebook group to see what’s new. You can use the header of your Facebook group and new posts to promote your top content.

Start a Facebook group

Starting a Facebook group can give you a place to share content, chat strategy, and grow your community.

A Facebook group isn’t just about your company and your content. The focus is to grow the group into a place where your target audience feels like they can openly discuss anything related to the topic of the group. While you’re building your group, spend the time to answer member questions until the community becomes large enough that other members take care of that for you.

Facebook Group members are qualified prospects

People join groups with which they have an affinity. This means, that the members of your group are either existing customers or qualified customers that you can reach out to. They are more likely to engage with you.

If you treat them well, deliver value and good-will, then it becomes a lot easier to turn these qualified prospects into actual customers for your business instead of just running a random Facebook ad campaign.

The benefits of a Facebook Group for your business

Starting a private Facebook Group for your customers can help you meet a number of business goals including:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reducing refunds
  • Increasing retention in monthly memberships
  • Increasing sales generated by word-of-mouth recommendations

Reference: Suzi Nelson 

Facebook Groups give you the ability to communicate directly with your target audience. It gives you the opportunity to interact with them regularly as they are likely checking Facebook multiple times throughout the day anyway.

Another benefit of starting a Facebook Group. is the increased authority. As the creator of a Group, you are in a unique position to bring together people with similar interests and goals and initiate relationships between them.

Post Ideas for Lead Generation

1) Post landing pages for offers directly to Facebook.

One of the best ways to generate leads on Facebook is simply to send people directly to landing pages for lead-generating offers.

2) Post the blog posts that generate the most leads.

Another way of generating leads from the content your team is producing is to simply pick the blog posts that generate the most leads, and post those ones to Facebook.

3) Include links to landing pages in your image captions.

Most marketers understand the importance of using visuals like images and videos in your Facebook strategy. For example, Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.

To turn these higher engagement rates into lead generation opportunities, include links to your website in the descriptions for your images — specifically your profile picture and cover photo descriptions.

4) Use videos to promote lead gen offers.

If you’re trying to increase your lead gen efforts on Facebook, you’ll want to start using videos to help introduce and promote those lead-generating content, whether they’re offers, events, courses, or something else.

In addition to the text CTA you can add in the video’s description, remember to add a verbal CTA to the video to “register” or “download,” both earlier in the video and at the very end.

How to implement a Content Strategy with a Facebook Group to maintain Organic Leads

The Facebook Group content strategy is part of the “Get Clients Challenge”.

You will create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for all your content along with a daily content plan leveraging a Facebook Group.

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