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Be More Productive, Eliminate Overwhelm and Minimize Stress

Anthony | October 18, 2022



Good day. It’s Anthony here from Today I want to talk to you about being more productive, eliminating overwhelm, and minimizing stress throughout your day.

Now, a lot of the clients that we get to come to us, they’re normally overwhelmed with how much they’ve got to do on the day.

So the very first piece of advice I can give you is just to choose two tasks that you can focus on and get those done.

They’ve got to be the most high-priority tasks for the day. So what a lot of people say is, look, I’m not a big advocate of saying you must do the first two things at the beginning of the day, meaning that the two most important things.

How to be productive all day long?

How to manage stress in life?

Getting things done.

But what I will say is this.

Choose the tasks that are going to be generating you some form of income as early on as possible you can in the day.

Now, what I’m going to do is I’m just going to walk you through eight steps.

Now, throughout these eight steps, you might get some ideas and just ways to manage your day better.

STEP 1:  Get real clarity about what your goal is.

So step one to reducing overwhelm and stress and being more productive is you need to get real clarity about what your goal is.

Now, a lot of people have different ways of setting goals. And what I will say is this, as long as you understand what the goal is and what the result is that you want to get from that goal, then that’s all you need to do. There’s plenty of information on the Internet about writing goals, but you need to be specific.

be more productive, ways to manage stress, minimize stress

Write it out as if it’s already happened.

So I got this from Chris Howard. He’s actually, he’s an NLP trainer. Just so that everybody knows, what he says is put it in the tense like it is now and the date and I am or I have, and whatever is that end step.

So that’s one way that you can write your goals.

STEP 2: Determine what you need to focus on.

So when I say to determine what you need to focus on, write down everything in your day that you need to do from start to finish.

So from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, write it all down so it’s clear to you exactly what needs to be done throughout the day. That’s step two.

STEP 3: Delegate the things that don’t produce income or just drop them completely. 

So what you should do in the previous step is right at that list, but identify on that list what you’re doing for the day which ones are going to generate the income because they’re the ones that you should be focused on.

So step three is the ones that don’t produce your income, you need to drop them.

So, for example, cleaning your house could be one of them, right?

So you might say, I’ve got to do the washing table.

Why can’t you outsource that? Why can’t you delegate that to somebody else to do for you?

STEP 4:  Eliminate distractions.

Now we’re all got mobile phones or iPads or we’ve got some form of alerts coming in at us and people want to suck out time, right?

So the economy at the moment is an attention economy.

So look at me, look at me. Like whatever you focus your attention on is taking time away from you. So you need to eliminate those distractions.

STEP 5: Do things that you’ve got to get done.

What you also need to do is figure out the most effective way to do things that you’ve got to get done.

Now what you can start by is just understanding how much time you’re spending on those particular tasks.

So this is step five.

Now when you figure out what it is that you’ve got to do those tasks, the idea is to get better and better and better at it.

So you might start quite slow.

It’s like anything when you start to learn to ride a bike, it’s quite a slow process initially. Eventually, it twigs with you and you’re able to ride a bike.

So take your time. But as you start to progress and you practice more, you should be able to do it quicker.

STEP 6: Plan your day out to the minute.

Now most people, what they do is they waste a lot of time and they get to the end of the day and they feel stressed because they haven’t got something done.

What you need to do is say, look, this is the allotted time.

You need to be very specific about what you’re going to get done within that lot of time throughout the day. So don’t waste time by not focusing on what it is that you’re trying to achieve, right?

So schedule things and make sure that you stick to that schedule.

STEP 7: Make sure everyone around you, including friends, staff, and family, understands what it is that your plan is.

Because if they don’t know how they’re going to know how to help you. So if you’re very clear with your plans, people around you will understand what it is you’re trying to achieve.

This includes your family, your kids, it also includes your team.

STEP 8: Only do what you’re good at.

Now a lot of people, what they tend to do is they think to themselves, well hey, it’s not going to take me too much. It’s inexpensive to say send out an email campaign I sat down and did one yesterday, which was a seven-day email campaign over 14 days.

What I didn’t realize was that it was going to take me 4 hours to pull it together.

I’m not the best copywriter, I had templates, thankfully, to assist me. However, it still took a lot of time.

How to relieve stress quickly?

How to manage stress essay?

Now, what you need to understand is to take your focus away from that and just focus on what you’re good at.

Give that to somebody else who’s better at what you are.

So look for a delegate or outsource.

Now, there are eight steps that you can use to reduce overwhelm and be more productive in your day. Ve more productive. And when you get to the end of the day, you’re going to be less stressed out.


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