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7 Steps to Grow Your Following on ClubHouse

Anthony | January 19, 2021


If you on the app Clubhouse you rapidly realize that it’s important to ensure you’ve done the basics such as optimize your profile, connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts, contribute, and so on…. here are 7 simple steps you can implement to increase your profile engagement and ensure your following best practice

Step1 – Optimize Your Profile

Profile Picture

Choose a profile picture that will make you stand out from the crowd. You want a picture that is going to catch the attention of the moderators and the audience in the room you’re engaging with. When you choose a good profile picture you have a greater chance of being selected to go up on stage to ask a question on the stage.

Clubhouse voice chat social network


First 3 Lines of Your Bio

The first three lines of your bio are critical. You want to use words that are searchable ont eh app and you want to include who you are and what you do.

When a moderator brings you up on stage it is a risk to them, so your bio gives the moderator an idea of what you’re about.  Be mindful that you’ll see many people go on stage and attempt to take over so ensure your bio builds confidence and trust.

Clubhouse App: How to Get Started : Social Media Examiner

Build out the rest of your Bio

If someone reads past the first three lines of your bio you want to ensure the rest of your profile is built out is a true representation of who you are, your goals and your intentions. You do not want your profile to be sleasy sales pitch.

Step 2 – Connect Your Social Media Accounts 

The platform only allows your Instagram (IG) and Twitter account to be connected and followers will use these social media accounts to verify if you are actually legit because, just like Facebook, anyone can write what they want in their Clubhouse bio. Also, by connecting your IG and Twitter accounts you’ll be able to connect to further connect with people and build relationships because the platform currently doesn’t support direct messaging.

Step 3 – Focus on Listening 

As the saying goes, listen to learn and not to respond.  This is very important on Clubhouse because you are talking and cannot visually see who you;re talking too. Search for rooms, attend rooms and listen, follow moderators and the audience, and get to know people. Look to direct message people you follow by accessing direct messaging on IG and connect with them.

Step 4 – Reach out and build relationships with people speaking on the topics you 6 want to collaborate on

Learn to become relatable – relate to other people’s stories. If you want to build real connections and become a moderator with these highly influential people then you need to learn how you can relate to them where they are in teh moment.

To build relationships you could join in on their rooms every time they launch one. The more people see you listening the more opportunity you have to be noticed.

Step 5 – Support the creators

Follow what these people are doing. Engage with them on social media, sign up for their email list, buy their product or service if it makes sense, go listen to their podcast. Whatever they have you want to be a part of it. Support them at whatever level you are capable of.

Step 6 – Contribute 

When the opportunity presents itself and you are brought on stage make sure you do exactly what the moderator asks of you. If you’re asked to share a tip then do that.  Be prepared when you go on stage and have your thoughts and questions ready and in alignment with the current conversation.

Step 7 – Consistently launch daily rooms to talk about your topic for your ideal audience 

This does 2 things for you:

  1. The way the Clubhouse algorithm works right now you never know who is going to pop into your room and hear you speak.
  2. Launching a daily room helps you learn your voice so when you do have that big opportunity to get on stage you are fully prepared. So, when you are invited to the table, you show up like you earned not like you bought your way into the room. Doing these two things help you gain a loyal dedicated audience of your own.


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